Monday, October 31, 2005

Anderton Unreconstructed Socialist

Clark's appointment of Jim Anderton to the Agriculture Ministry has been noted by commentators as a master stroke. An energetic minister with a reputation for getting things done, is among the comments I have read.

I think she has a far more sinister agenda. Resurrection of the Right to Roam legislation that caused Sutton to be given the Order of the Boot' last election.

Who better to face the slings and arrows than an urban Minister - where there is little understanding of the issue in the Latte circles. Won't get biffed out by irate farmers next election.

Anderton has wasted little time in expounding a view that the issue of access to'íconic' waterways needs to be revisited. I understand the United Future policy is no legislated access...wonder if they are aware of Anderton's expostulations?

Anderton said "Most farmers are reasonable, but what if someone is unreasonable? Could that catch on and more people get unreasonable?"....

What, pray tell is "unreasonable" about a land owner deciding absolutely who or what can enter their property.

Be afraid, I say, be very afraid.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Fraser Resigns as TVNZ CEO

In an extra-ordinary turn up for the books Ian Fraser has quit as TVNZ CEO stating his reason was "he has lost confidence in his Board". Stories about interference in day to day running are now leaking out.

This is a spectacular own goal by the Government. The Board is littered with Labour appointees - Labour tinkered with the last Board and made it untenable for the then Chairman to stay; creating conditions for Clark to put her own team in. Ian Fraser is probably included in that group. Now he has had enough.

The Government will try to hide behind the Board - it won't wash. This is a Labour plaything and slowly but surely they are destroying it. It was once worth billions - now it is probably unsaleable and in any event does not have the cash to sustain itself in any sort of prolonged war. The big aussies will continue to toy with it. They have the balance sheet to continue the TVNZ death dance for some time. TVNZ has been raped by its shareholder for dividends. Now it is in a cul-de-sac and the torches are going out one by one.

Remember the same Board felt compelled a year ago to pay Judy Bailey $800,000 pa - now she is unable to agree terms and being let go...

At that time the Board, chastened following a scolding from the Prime Minister offered to resign. She demurred - they heaved a sigh of relief and repaired to lunch. They shoulda gone then. The Board is here. The Labour Lovey's are obvious - Notably Hercus, Gould and Fenwick. This organisation needs heavy weight commercial (media) nous if it is to have any chance of survival against the likes of Packer and Murdoch. It is not obvious where that leadership is going to come from.

This is another avenue for revenue that Cullen should strike off his list. They need all the cash they can generate. Cullen's idealogical and dogmatic views on privatisation mean he also lost any chance of flogging it to those same aussie gentlemen. TVNZ is in no mans land.
Beyer's Bill Blocked

In a victory for the "fed up with PC" sentiment of the electorate Georgina Beyer has apparently been told by Clark and Cullen that her private member's bill normalising transgender will not be revived in this parliament.

As I blogged earlier - the execresence of egregious lawmaking for Labour's lovey's is best dealt with by shadow ministers and the Opposition generally taking the attack, issue by issue to Labour, NOT through the Mapp appointment.

In a not obvious nod that this sad bill was quasi Labour policy last term but not now Beyer has said nothing about promoting the issue again as a private member's bill. If she had the cojones(!) and the courage of her convictions she would be forthright about continuing the (apparently deeply held) fight. I think it is bye bye Georgina.

Barely a month into the new Government Labour have wilted before a shot is fired.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Tony Blair Tough Winston Peters Weak

Blair was today very tough on the Iranian President's direct threat that Israel should be "wiped from the map". An angry Tony Blair left the audience in no doubt that if Iran continued down this path - military action would follow. "If they continue down this path, people are going to believe that they are a real threat to our world security and stability."

Peters managed to say the comments of the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were "unhelpful". What planet is he on? - we really are isolationist and so far off the pace we even make irrelevant comments.

If the call went out to support the removal for all time (put beyond use is the IRA euphemism) of so obvious a malignacy as the Iranian nuclear weapons programme, New Zealand could offer...nothing. This is when we will be shown for all the world the frauds we are. Spongers.

Who better to lead the charge than the greatest sponger of all, Winnie.

People, generally from the Left, who believe Blair to be Dubya's poodle need to think again. He is showing great leadership on this matter. The world will coalesce behind him. New Zealand will not be there. Afraid of upsetting our recently signed FTA with Iran.
Three Things About the Increased OCR

1. Dr Bollard has moved too little too late. His timidity a year ago has cost us all big time. The changes to the OCR will only increase the exchange rate for now and hold it high(er) for longer. The housing market is very resilient - killing that will not help export business in the short and medium term cope with a tough exchange rate.

2. Dr Cullen said "Vote Labour" as a vote for National's Tax Cuts will lead to increased interest rates.... Well Dr Cullen, the ink is barely dry on the writs and we have increased interest rates on your watch. I would have preferred the tax cut - at least I would have something to pay the increased interest with...

3. The big contributors to inflation are Government and local Government charges and the state operating monopolies - energy companies. I run a SME and price increases are impossible to gain. We cannot even pass on fuel related costs.
Primer on Opposition Tactics and Talent

Insolent Prick has brilliantly blogged how the opposition should take it to the Ministers in Clark's third Government. His analysis is sage and a sober description of the talent on each side. The openings for National will be there - Brash seems to have positioned his people where they can be an effective opposition not necessarily a Government in Waiting. I think that is important. It is a now issue.

The Opposition finished the last parliament on a high with the Labour ranks (particularly Ministers) in disarray and the Ministers in general looking tired and tawdry. They start at that point this time - no honeymoon.

Game on.
Political Correction

National should quickly drop the Mapp role. It is stupid and poorly thought through. It (the role) has succeeded in becoming the news, rather than the issue itself. That is not helpful.

Sean Plunket on Radio Left Wing skewered Mapp within one minute of his appointment interview by carefully leading Mapp by the nose through the obviously egregious politically correct past, to a point where Mapp noted the ascendency of Maori spirits in road making over the dropping of Grace before State Dinners - Mapp further noting that a secular society Government-wise had no view on "nothing" includes not recognising Maori spirits. Then came the Plunket kinghit - "on that basis you would drop the Lord's Parayer at the opening of Parliament each day, Dr Mapp?" After palpable vacillation Mapp stammered "No because it is part of our tradition"...."whose tradition thundered Plunket..." It was ugly for a Righty to listen to such and an early and obvious own goal.

I see the Mapp/Hutchinson doctor duo then scored a brace (of own goals) yesterday.

Drop it before it kills you is my suggestion. Lie in wait for Labour and Peters, don't fall into your own mantrap. There will be plenty of woolly mamoths to kill - patience boys, patience.

Rodney Hide has noted the nuttiness here and here.

Eliminating Egregious Political Correctness should be the role of every shadow spokesman (sorry spokesperson) - it will be a ready source of ammo. Leave it at that.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

George Galloway MP Another Leftie Caught with Iraqi Oil

News today in the Daily Telegraph that George Galloway's wife was paid approx NZ$256,000 from the oil-for-food programme by Iraqi agents. To make matters worse Galloway's spokesman received NZ$45,000 the same day as Mrs Galloway from the same bank in Amman to his bank account in Scotland.

Blog readers will recall I raised the subject of the UN and Senate investigations into misuse of the UN's oil-for food programme here. Galloway is another major scalp for the Senate investigations. They must be cock-o-hoop. This is the same Galloway who challenged the Senate to come up with evidence of wrongdoing by either his wife or himself.

Galloway has had a successful libel action against the Daily Telegraph in relation to allegations Galloway received funds from Saddam. That case is now subject to appeal. He may now rue the day he laid his original action.

On the subject of perjury, tellingly Senator Coleman the Chairman of the (bipartisan) Investigating Committee said, "We will forward matters relating to Mr Galloway's false and misleading testimony to the authorities here and in Great Britain."

p.s Mrs Galloway filed for divorce earlier this year. Grist for the Senate mill?

Monday, October 24, 2005

South Auckland Gang Brawl leads to one death

Counties-Manukau Detective Schwalger admitted on One News that the force was stretched beyond its capacity with youth gang related crime. Sadly we have never heard from the outgoing Police Minister and local MP on the subject.

Ms Schwalger confirmed NZ Herald the brawl was gang-related, and said this and a number of other recent incidents highlighted the increasing problems of youth gangs in the Counties-Manukau area.

Disturbingly this case has overtones of the weekend's Birmingham riots I blogged on earlier, here. Similarly, the south Auckland gangs are drawing their inspiration from South Central Los Angeles gangs. The Police need to get their staffing in South Auckland up to strength asap.
BBC News can't mention Race Riots

Using the BBC for information on the riots in Birmingham you would be hard pressed to establish the reasons behind the riots were racially based. Here the BBC notes that the problems are 'community tension' based on a 'rumour'.

People have been stabbed, armed gangs are roaming the streets, and a policeman has been shot in the leg. The reason - stories a 14 year old Afro-Caribbean girl had been raped by a group of Asians (Pakistanis) circulated.

Why didn't the BBC just give the facts? Why are they using euphemisms?

What has happened is that parts of Birmingham are now under siege from gangs of afro-caribbean and Pakistani youths - a la Central Los Angeles. The Police have lost not only the initiative but also control. There are no go areas for Police. Until sections of the news media get real and honest this will get worse.

I note disturbing parallels here in New Zealand - may blog later.
Hurricane Wilma Strengthens to Cat. 3 Nearing Florida landfall

While the hurricane had been reduced to Cat 2. while overland the Yucatan peninsula; it is now drifting north, regaining strength from the warm waters of the gulf and now (re)classed at Cat 3.

There are some really cool sites to follow this and other storms. Google maps is a pearler...try here.
No comment from the braying press on the looting in Mexico following Wilma's pass.

In a silence as deafening as that in the eye of the storm itself there is a surly silence from the MSM in the wake of Wilma. Quick to condemn and accept outrageous headlines from Katrina, the MSM is this time around silent. Katrina gave the MSM a platform to pillory the Bush Administration - not letting the facts get in the way of a great story.

Objectivity is lost.
The Maori Party is a more natural fit with the parties of the Right

One interesting realisations during the election was that the overlaps between the Maori Party and National and indeed Act were greater than as between the Maori Party and Labour - the supposed natural partner of the Maori Party.

Since the election the tie up between National and the Maori Party was deemed expedient and unlikely. I think not. Listen to the language out of the Maori Party and look at the policy they floated. Tax cuts, respect for property rights (including repeal of the Foreshore and Seabed Act) are all covered. The aspirations are self determination (self actualisation for individuals) and a break out from the hegemony and (pa)maternalism of Labour.

Sharples and Turia are completely aware that with Labour they will only get what Clark deems is necessary to keep their vote.

The Maori seats are an obvious issue - however there is a consensus there is not the numbers to initiate change. Therefore it is a dead issue.

I think we will see more on this - Maori is better off with National

Shane Jones was wooed by both National and Labour for candidacy. He went with Clark out of loyalty for the fisheries jobs she gave him. That loyalty has been repaid. He is now free.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Snap Poll Thumbs Down to MMP and Peters in Government

The NZ Herald has published a snap poll with a narrow majority in favour of Clark's Government with NZ First and United Future - 50% said yes and 40.2% unhappy.

More interestingly 47% of those polled said MMP had not worked well this election and 56% believe the economy will suffer as a result of the Government having to make good on election promises.

The Honeymoon is over guys - before it even started.

Parliment this time around will be fantastic - National, almost level pegging Labour on numbers (and hence resources) with vim and vigour through renewal and new growth up against the tired and worn out Labour machine with equally uninspiring and deadwood in NZ First and United Future. The Greens will be irrelevant - they so want to be in Government with Helen and will not fit or foot the role of loyal opposition well. In any event Helen has bought them off with speaker-lite roles - poodled.

Bring it on.
A Valedictory for Rob Robinson

The Police Commissioner is reported as being ticketed for exceeding the speed limit - 97km/h in a 70 km/h zone. Ha friggin ha. Caught by his own trap.

Commissioner Robinson said he didn't see the sign and stayed with cruise control at 100 km/h. Sounds like he targetted 100km/h.

He was even part of a campaign - Speed Limit not a Target - Drive to the Conditions.

Presumably he was driving to the conditions and not operating unsafely for either himself or other drivers/cars. He would be a good judge of that. A little more sympathy through his reign for the rest of us nabbed similarly and he may have found more support for his battered force.

p.s. I'll bet he was faster than 97 km/h. Cruise controls are very accurate - in fact I set mine to 109 and to stay within Robinson's 10km (over)limit. The difference between being nabbed at 100(97) vs 101 km/h for Robbie is 5 less demerit points 35/40 points. I cannot find a link with the difference in fine - My guess it is $230 vs $400 +

Friday, October 21, 2005

Anyone for Surfing?

An astonishing 1.5 tonne great white shark was landed in a net near Raglan. With guys like this out there it will be interesting to see how many International surfing stars wipe out in the current world surfing events being held at Raglan.

Picture / Amos Chapple
NZ First says it is part of the Opposition

When will NZ First realise that they and their leader are fast becoming a joke. The latest charade is to state they should sit on the Opposition benches as they are not part of the Coalition Government. (there was a time not so long ago when Peters said they would sit on the cross benches) - make up your mind Winnie. Winstone Peters is definitely part of the Government - he is a member of the Executive (in cabinet or out, he is a member). His party has agreed to vote for confidence and supply - It follows therefore there is no question NZ First can be regarded as Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sham Marriages for Private Gain

I seem to be Cathy Odgers' PR - it's easy she writes great copy. Today her post is on Posh and Becks and the apparent ill advised case to sue the NoTW for libel. See her post here and a report on the case here. Cathy's argument is the "marriage" is maintained by the couple purely for vast personal gain.

The alleged motive reminds me of speculation during the election about a sham marriage in New Zealand. Perhaps we need the News of the World...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Great Post at Asian Invasion - Recounting a Foreign Affair(s)

Cathy has reprinted an email from a Peters encounteree (fan I think) marvelling at his prowess as a swordsman. Perhaps the man has talents that will carry him far.

Talking of swordsmen, I fear that he is more Don Juan than Don Quixote - though he is looking Quixotic already - witness the foolish old man setting out from home because he believes the world is the ideal place which "romancers" have described...
Winston Peters Very Unconfident on National Radio

Peters this morning on Morning Report sounded like a little boy from Northland. "I've been abroad (who uses that term in New Zealand?) was uttered on several occasions. As if we needed confirmation this was a big wide world he was facing...? He was desperate to get the conversation onto Racing and Golden Oldies and every time he answered a foreign affairs question with a racing or oldies issue Geoff Robinson steered him back to FA's. All sounded rather pathetic.

Brash followed shortly after - the memorable comment he made was that whenever he has seen Peters at a function for a major political guest (from abroad!) Peters has looked very ill at ease.

The one advantage of having Peters at MFAT is that Goff isn't. Peters is unlikely to cuddle up to Palestinian terrorists or crap on the Israelis as a form of sport. I suspect he is likely to see the merit of rapprochement with the Americans.

May he live in interesting times!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Rod Donald Putting Brave Face On - National Radio - despite the shafting from Clark and Labour

A 'Buy NZ Made Campaign', more money for public transport and more money for students are the 'policy wins' Donald is burbling on about. No much is it for guaranteeing supply and confidence.
Winston Peters Foreign Minister

In cocking a snook at convention (and probably impracticably) Peters has been announced Foreign Minister. As I discussed in an earlier blog - this either demeans the role or shows how high a price Peters demanded.

Dunne Revenue Minister and Assoc Health Minister

Caught the back end of the 5pm news - Peter Dunne has gone a long way on 2.67%
Reports Peters will be Foreign Minister in a Labour Led Government

Today's Herald reports Winston Peters will be Foreign Minister outside Cabinet in a Labour led Government. This is most curious if it comes to pass.

In the UK the Foreign Office is one of the Great Vessels of State - along with the Chancellorship of the Exchequer, and the Home Office. People crawl over broken glass to be Foreign Secretary - there is no question it is a Cabinet level role.

Here we appear to have the extra-ordinary position of the role being downgraded to one outside Cabinet and perhaps amusingly inhabited by a politician who has variously pilloried and shaken migrants from countries apparently New Zealand (under Labour) wants to have some influence - Muslim migrants and migrants from China.

How will Peters reconcile his position at either the Minsiterial level or perhaps more importantly among NZFirst's constituents. I see this as a significant leg rope. Rather oxymoronic to be a Foreign Secretary reaching out (from) under the moniker NZ first. That's the sort of thing we expected from imperial Britain or neo-Imperial US.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Longer the Interregnum Goes On the Poorer the Quality of the Coalition

Reports tonight that coalition negotiations are in chaos do not augur well for Helen Clark and her Government. While the devil is always in the detail, it has been my experience a good deal is always a natural deal and one that can bear some transparency. Anything less than that and someone is getting shafted. One sage often said, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Gman's blog covers his view on what Winnie might be thinking - key points are the media will be 99% wrong and unless you have Winnie on tape believe nothing of what is attributed to him.

I stand by my earlier blog, here, that Winnie may fancy his chances with a re-election shortly; and hence will hasten slowly to engage with anyone. The more strident and ridiculous Clark becomes with her assurances a Government will be formed shortly the greater he can distance himself from her. He did signal before the election he would abstain on confidence and supply. He can maintain that position.
Police Commissioner Rob Robinson to Step Down

Not before time, Rob Robinson has reported he will step down from his post at the head of the NZ Police. In a reign that history is unlikely to treat favourably Robinson has failed to reform the Police to either meet the expectations of the population or provide standards of service expected of a modern police force. It would appear he has never stood up to either his Minister or to the Finance Minister and told them he cannot meet the expectations of the population or his staff with the resources he is being provided with.

Racked with many scandals, from failing to recommend fraud charges on the PM for Paintergate, prosecuting Shane Ardern for a minor infringement at Parliament, the Iraena Asher disaster, the police porn probe, an apparent focus on traffic revenue over criminal prosecution, his tenure has often been found wanting.

Robinson came to the job after having the opportunity to knife his boss following Clark's direct intervention through the media with the then Commissioner (Peter Doone) in what became known as Doonegate - well covered at Sir Humphrey's.

Robinson's retirement is a fantastic opportunity to begin the fundamental restructuring of the Police and how they operate. What is needed is a civilian CEO to head the organisation - the conflict between operational needs, funding and the agreeing and delivering the organisation's mission cannot be solved by having a uniformed long serving officer at the head. It is time for renewal.

By way of example and as an aside Robinson was posted to Rotorua/Murupara during the time of the alleged rapes with the Nicholson woman. Whether he knew what was going on is immaterial - and of course the presumption is he had no knowledge - New Zealand is too small a place for there to be any doubt that everything is above board as regards the Police.

Anyone achieving the Commissioner rank in New Zealand from within the force knows 'where all the bodies are'- that is not healthy. Too much opportunity for compromise.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The Serious Fraud Office is a serious fraud.

The SFO fails all standards expected of a Government Agency.

It is failing at its mandated role, identifying and successfully prosecuting serious fraud.

It is competing with the Police for small fry - why were the Huata's SFO cases. The action was for $82,000 I think. The total was less than $1million. Is it because the PM has a greater oversight of its cases than the Police?

At the time (The White Report - December 2004) it seemed the 'clearance' of John Tamihere of serious accusations was fortunate. Is there a political element to the offices workings.

The SFO is proving to be incompetent, venal and mean-spirited - perhaps the more serious accusations one can lay at the foot of a Government agency. Corruption would be the worse accusation and thankfully there is no evidence of that yet.

There has to be complete and full accountability demonstrated for the clearly ill advised prosecution of the Helicopter Trust people. By all accounts the case had no legs. This prosecution appears to be mean-spirited in the extreme.

How could they have spent so long bringing the case and spent so much for it to end so quickly and so ignominously following final arguments. This is rank incompetence and a squandering of taxpayer funding. The accused were not rich men able to spin and drag out proceedings - they were ordinary New Zealander's trying eke out a living - particularly those two on the charity side who faced no accusations of personal gain. Having just about fucked the resuce helicopter service in Auckland the SFO minions and head would not want to find themselves needy of the service's services
I reckon there is a 20 per cent chance a Government won't be formed

Winnie's long and short term prospects may be best served by going back to the electorate now. Without a complicit NZF, Clark will struggle to convince the GG she has the confidence of the House. Winnie will be obliterated in 2008 if a coalition with Labour doesn't travel well. He is out of the electorate business. He may fancy chances better to go back to the electorate now with an agreement with Labour not to stand in Tauranga.

Winnie may decide to let Clark's government building fall flat, avoid any fallout by staying loose and taking his chances at the resultant election...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Was France's Vehement Opposition at the UN to War with Iraq a Cover Up for Food for Oil Corruption?

In what must be a gross embarrassment to the highest levels of french polity senior magistrates are investigating France's former Ambassador to the UN for receiving 11 million barrels of oil from the Saddam regime.

This could go right to the heart of the French Government. De Villepin the French Prime Minister was the chief protaganist against the US at the Security Council Iraqi war hearings in his then role as Foreign Minister. He must have known? Watch this space...

A (US) Senate inquiry found that Benon Sevan, the UN head of the programme, should face criminal charges.

I fancy this scandal now has legs and the smirking holier than thou frogs are in for a caning (delivered by those nice people from the new world!).

I think Kofi is on the way out - and they want to run the internet....

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Why are people surprised the Greens cannot connect with business

Roger Kerr has identified why the Greens charm offensive failed. Simply, they fail to consider or seek alternative opinions and are rooted in dogma.

During the election I blogged, here, on the hard wired links between the Greens and the Baader-Meinhof Gang. This is incontrovertible. What a heritage.

The Greens do not understand business at all and are pathologically opposed to market solutions (except of course peak oil, where in a remarkable foot trip, Jeanette Fizsimons during the election suggested that the price of fuel had gone too high too quickly and the GST or excise tax should be suspended??? - what was that going to do for consumption?, but I digress)

The Greens in New Zealand are caught in a 1970's Value's Party mindset - complete with a nirvana style attitude to so-called recreational drugs. While the world has got greener in attitude and approach, NZ's Greens are looking ever more like victims of the ozone hole - redder and redder.

Elsewhere thinking Greens are looking to adopt nuclear power and halt the ideological opposition - with zero carbonifereous and sulphurous emissions and an almost unlimited fuel supply, the single technological issue to solve is what to do with the waste. (and lb for GWH there is buggerall). Now that is a nice place to be - especially when you tell that to the 6,000 chinese miners widows made this year. Surely a thinking Green would bend their mind to solving the waste issue than trying to harness the wind on a calm day. Or do I give them too much credit - this afterall is the cold war we are (still) fighting...
Is Biosecurity New Zealand the Oxymoron of the year?

Monday, October 10, 2005

I still cannot fathom why Rightist parties would side with Labour for only some piece of the action

Aaron B has blogged that Clark is set to announce a minority Government. That much I understand. What I don't understand is that apparently five parties have given her sufficient comfort (presumably in return for policy) to enable her to plan a full term.

As I blogged earlier, these various agreements cannot be a congruent with each party's own mission and ambit of its members on a joint and several basis.

Government in the Westminster tradition is about Treasury and Loyal Opposition. Opposing sides, testing each other out. There is nothing in it for a small party to support Clark (Anderton's Wigram Labour party excluded). Using a teenage analogy - all they will get is blue balls.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Great Initiative with TopSpin

The folks over at Sir Humphrey's have launched TopSpin. This is intended to be a monitor of politics and politicians in New Zealand. As the intention is for it to be non-exclusive and cover the complete spectrum of NZ politics it is a welcome addition and I look forward to watching it develop; and contributing as I am able.

The really interesting thing is by making it agnostic the Right and Left cannot marginalise it by accusing it of bias. The facts as they say will speak for themselves.

The creators describe it thus:
TopSpin is a wiki created to document and monitor New Zealand politics and politicians. We intend to document all parties and all mainstream media outlets. If you're looking for opinion, you won't find it here. We do have links to a number of political blogs - where you'll find all the opinion you need!
Why and how can any party to the RIGHT of Labour contemplate ANY agreement that allows smorgasbord lawmaking?

What's in it for them?

There seems to be something wrong about the way it is reported Clark is being allowed to contemplate her coalition. At the moment Labour does not have a majority. Just because she can cobble together a grouping that will vote a certain way at certain times should not be taken as a proxy for that grouping(s) representing 'how the electorate wanted Parliment to operate'.

Why would there be any circumstances (excepting of course international/national crisis) where a party would effectively stand aside from a Policy that was a direct misalignment of that Party's own mandate and mission.

Why would any politician with any integrity let Clark cherry pick her way through the next Parliament? What's in it for them? OK so you get a Families Commission, but you also had to stand aside while the Civil Union Bill became law and Prostitution was made lawful - to highlight the paradoxical pieces of social law enacted in the last Parliment.

Have we voted for smorgasboard lawmaking by the highest Court in the land?

Just because Clark has no scruples and will do 'whatever' to govern for an historic third time; no one else should feel it is an honourable course.

To my mind as the largest party she should be allowed to form a minority Government and have to eat what she kills along the road. That is how the electorate voted. No deals - just go hard.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Helen Clark Decoded

Handcrafted Electronic Lifeform Engineered for Nocturnal Calculation, Logical Assassination and Rational Killing

Hat Tip:Lucyna

Get Your Own Name here:

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Zaoui's Last Lines Are being Written

Despite what his commie mates, Locke, Manning and Co say the sand is running through the hour glass for the "fugitive" Zaoui. His claims for asylum and refuge for his family can now be met in his homeland. The sooner the Government sends him packing the better. Sounds like Algeria is quickly becoming the place to be - Peace breaking out.

The alacrity shown by the Government in quickly deporting the Slovakian Bomber, Jakob Slevec after his court appearance following his outrageous activities in Tauranga towards the end of the election, provide some hint of the options available to the authorities. In Slevec's case the unstated words are 'there was no benefit to NZ locking this fool up here at great expense'. The same applies to the sandhopper Zaoui - and quickly before the rest of his whanau make the trip.

How all concerned must wish they had put Zaoui straight back on the plane...

Collateral benefits will be to get Manning and Associates out of the public trough.

Her twisting of the facts borders on the mendacious - she is a remarkable sophistrist. I wonder whether she could withstand a charge of conduct unbecoming before the Society? Would anyone be brave enough to lay the charge?