Friday, October 28, 2005

Political Correction

National should quickly drop the Mapp role. It is stupid and poorly thought through. It (the role) has succeeded in becoming the news, rather than the issue itself. That is not helpful.

Sean Plunket on Radio Left Wing skewered Mapp within one minute of his appointment interview by carefully leading Mapp by the nose through the obviously egregious politically correct past, to a point where Mapp noted the ascendency of Maori spirits in road making over the dropping of Grace before State Dinners - Mapp further noting that a secular society Government-wise had no view on "nothing" includes not recognising Maori spirits. Then came the Plunket kinghit - "on that basis you would drop the Lord's Parayer at the opening of Parliament each day, Dr Mapp?" After palpable vacillation Mapp stammered "No because it is part of our tradition"...."whose tradition thundered Plunket..." It was ugly for a Righty to listen to such and an early and obvious own goal.

I see the Mapp/Hutchinson doctor duo then scored a brace (of own goals) yesterday.

Drop it before it kills you is my suggestion. Lie in wait for Labour and Peters, don't fall into your own mantrap. There will be plenty of woolly mamoths to kill - patience boys, patience.

Rodney Hide has noted the nuttiness here and here.

Eliminating Egregious Political Correctness should be the role of every shadow spokesman (sorry spokesperson) - it will be a ready source of ammo. Leave it at that.

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