Friday, July 18, 2008

Peters Admits to Glenn's $100,000 donation

Rather than try to peer through the sophistry and mendaciousness of Winston Peters the simple point is Peters and NZ First will have breached the EFA through simply not declaring the in kind services of his legal team. $100,000 of service is a material event. People need to know if a party has secret support to that level and the Act was written to expose it. The other option is unpaid legal bills were loans - those need to be declared as well - as Mingy Williams found out when he illegally hid the loan from Glenn.

Farrar as resident EFA expert will have all this down pat.

Peters should be dog tucker.
Kidnapped Ma Xin Xin found safe and well in Auckland

Update 1:
Press Conference ongoing - found at 3.15pm - Chinese 25yo arrested. Found in house around corner from abduction site.

Helen Clark not implicated as yet. Winston Peters cannot be found.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Aussie Reactions to Rudd's ETS Green Paper

I have posted some initial thoughts over at Having a Blast

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Australian ETS Green Paper Out

See more detail at Having A blast

  • Agriculture not included
  • Petrol Tax/excise to be reduced to compensate for carbon charges
  • Free permits to emitters who are energy intensive exporters
  • Direct assistance to low paid, beneficiaries and moderate income families to compensate

Looks to have been more carefully thought through than the misanthropic proposals from Clark and Parker in New Zealand

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I have decided to Blog separately on energy and environmental issues.

The new site is Having a Blast.

See here for the first posting.
Bush Moves to Increase the Supply of Fuel

In an adroit political move President Bush has rescinded the decades long ban on drilling for oil on the Outer Continental Shelf of the USA. Taking aim squarely at the Democrat controlled Congress Bush is now asking Congress to support his initiative. The Dhimmi's must be rueing not following his call last month to go first. Now they are on a hiding to nothing. Agree and they look late and limp. Disagree and they open themselves up to electoral backlash.

While many are saying it would be years to bring any significant oil finds into production and reduce prices, I disagree - there is common knowledge the oil is there - having it available (sometime) significantly changes sentiment around supply and demand and the speculative margin in current pricing will quickly diminish as traders exit perceived exposed positions.

An interesting sideline is the executive order banning offshore drilling was put in place by his Daddy. Times change.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cynical, Corrupt, Casuistry, Chicanery, Cheating or just straight Cullen

Now that we have witnessed Clark's outburst yesterday when she tried and failed miserably to corner Key on Toll/Tranz Rail the rail deal looks even dodgier.

What is now clear is if this was Labour's so called Neutron bomb - it was a fizzer. The stupid cow couldn't even get the facts right.

In order to get her bomb erected she needed to buy Toll's Rail operation. That provided her with the ploy to flush Key. Imagine spending $1000 million to try to skewer John Key. That is what she tried to do. She spent the money but came home with no prize - no money or bag (apologies to Jude). John Key was the sole reason for wasting so much taxpayers money on buying Toll Rail. That is corrupt.

She wanted a battle ground around privatisation and asset sales. Key was more than equal to the pathetic plan. Key was not an owner of shares at the time.

What is now very clear is Cullen and his sole negotiator were determined to buy Toll rail at any cost. The target was to create a fulcrum to bend John Key. Abject failure for Labour.

The residue is a very expensive asset on the government books eating its head off.
More on the Government's Savage Increase in Road User Charges.

Was the secret, sudden and savage increase in Road User Charges on the same day the Labour Government completed the purchase of Toll Rail simply a mechanism to abruptly increase the value of the railway they purchased that day - a non-road using transport asset?

Was an increase in RUC's part of the sales agreement with Toll - who have a sweet heart deal for some years on rail linehaul charges and access to key transport infrastructure linked directly to the railway network?

Given the paucity of information on the purchase and the Machiavellian and unapologetic approach of Dr Cullen to the public accounts nothing can be discounted.

See here for a good summary of the questions put to Dr Cullen and so far unanswered.

I smell an awful stink.
Truckers Protest is Getting Popular Support

For those a little longer in the tooth the popular support for the truckers protest Friday feels like the support generated by Tania Harris qwith her march up Queen Street in the early 1980's when basically everyone had had a gutsful of trade union strikes. The term nowadays is "Tipping Point".

When Banksie comes straight out in support you know the cause is a good one.

Friday's action will prove to be the start of the final chapter of the thin volume that will be the Third Labour Government

Annette King is the flinty face of a Government completely out of touch with the people they purport to govern. She said this morning a 10% increase was no big deal. Has she been in cave these past few months?

This scene from France will be repeated in Auckland tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Key Labor Backers Back Nuclear Power

I have posted earlier on the move by Chairman Rudd to re-open uranium mining in Australia by the Labor Government after decades of opposition.

This has begun to get very interesting.

Last week while in Australia I read the front page of The Australian with some bemusement - it carried pleas to begin formal investment in investigating nuclear power as an option for Australia. The astonishing thing... The pleas were from the head of the strongest blue-collar trade union and the former head of a Labour NSW Government.

The Headline.

The head of Australia's biggest blue-collar union, Paul Howes, and former NSW Labor premier Bob Carr have called for Australia and the Rudd Government to purge its prejudices and embrace a nuclear power industry

The source of alarm for Mr Howes is the case mounted for years by former prime minister John Howard: that imposing onerous carbon limits in Australia threatens to send its heavy industry offshore at the cost of jobs for no environmental gain.

This is exactly the same issue for New Zealand.

This year's electricity shortage - broadly brought about because the NZ Labour Government has banned new large scale base load electricity generation - has meant industry has stopped production in key export areas. Witness the shutdowns at PanPac and Tiwai. On the basis their products were exported and had global demand (aluminium and pulp and paper for example) NZ has exported wealth creation and jobs offshore FOR NO GAIN.

The longer the lunacy around the ETS and the moratorium on new thermal power continues New Zealand will track backwards.

Interestingly the Australian labour movement is onto the threat and advocating far reaching change. We need that courage and leadership in New Zealand.

It would be most amusing to see a Rudd Cabinet meeting with what is rapidly becoming a schism between the labour left and the environmental greens within the Labor party- they have mutually exclusive positions.

Another headache for Chairman Rudd.

NZ Scientists Debunk Critical Climate Change Assumptions.

A recent article in the NZ Herald carried the astonishing story that recent research in Westland "puts the cat among the paleoclimatology pigeons"

In simple terms the story is research in Westland (of New Zealand) debunked a critical climate change assumption. The assumption that climate change occurs across the hemispheres simultaneously was speared by research from the University of Canterbury. This is a critical assumption for the warmists' anthropogenic climate change agenda.

I did think it deserved a post. I see now that Watts Up With That has picked the story up. They note:

University of Canterbury research indicating a glacial ridge in the South Island was formed by a landslide could pour cold water on evidence that climate change happened simultaneously around the world. Scientists had believed the Waiho Loop moraine was created during a brief cold snap about 13,000 years ago that also affected Europe and North America...

But no one had ever studied the Waiho Loop sediments. “...these new findings suggest the loop (see photo at Top) - which sits near the South Island’s Alpine fault line - was the result of a landslide, not climate change...”

“When graduate student Dan Tovar had a look, he discovered to our surprise that it was mainly made up of a rock type known as greywacke, which is different from the rocks that make up all the other moraines in front of the Franz Josef Glacier.”

Professor Shulmeister said greywacke occurred about 13km up the valley from the Loop. All the other moraines were predominantly composed of schist which outcropped near Franz Josef township.“The greywacke was also rather more angular than the rocks in the other moraines, suggesting it had not been transported in water or at the base of a glacier.”

It is this is the assumption that appears to be wrong. The team concluded:

...As a result of the study, Professor Shulmeister’s team believes a large landslide dumped a huge volume of rock on top of the glacier, causing it to advance and, when the advance stopped, the moraine was created.
This research is to be published in Nature Geoscience and the Abstract is here.

Perhaps the most critical comment in the abstract is this:

Our study shows that glacial moraines are not necessarily climatic in origin, which must be taken into account when evaluating the mass balance responses of glacial systems.

The criticality is that many/most of the warmists use glacier change (as demonstrated through analysis of the moraine) as proof of global warming.
KiwiRail purchase price confirmed at over $1Billion

Readers of this blog will recall I posted here that the upfront cash commitment by the Labour Government to purchase the rail operations from Toll would be in excess of $1Billion. Once the loss of Toll's current cash contribution of $48million to the network costs was added to the purchase price.

Fran O'Sullivan today confirms my analysis

Toll was supposed to pay Ontrack - another SOE which runs the national rail track assets - some $48 million annually for access fees.

The value of this over 10 n years at seven per cent would have been $340 million - money that will not now come into the overall business.

Add the $340 million forgone revenue to the $690 million purchase price and the $120 million debt and the overall Government investment quickly tops the $1 billion mark.

This is a shocker of a deal. All the benefits the Government claim were available without paying a premium to Toll. The supposed GHG savings from rail operations vs road arise from the mode not who owns the railway. If the efficiency of rail for linehaul is as Clark says, then high fuel prices and yesterday's shock 10% increase in RUC's costs to truckers will move traffic to rail. Again no need to own it. This is how markets work Michael....

The other reason put out by Clark and Cullen was to avoid giving taxpayer's funds to Australians. I guess a cheque for $690Million and forgiveness (sorry, assumption) of $120Million in debt does not count as giving taxpayers funds to Australians. Especially when the goodwill component was at least $400Million....

Bolger and Co have a hospital pass (smirk). He and his ilk cannot survive this. certainly Clark and Cullen will not be there to save them.

The Hive have a good summary of the news media's take on this "investment".