Friday, October 28, 2005

Tony Blair Tough Winston Peters Weak

Blair was today very tough on the Iranian President's direct threat that Israel should be "wiped from the map". An angry Tony Blair left the audience in no doubt that if Iran continued down this path - military action would follow. "If they continue down this path, people are going to believe that they are a real threat to our world security and stability."

Peters managed to say the comments of the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were "unhelpful". What planet is he on? - we really are isolationist and so far off the pace we even make irrelevant comments.

If the call went out to support the removal for all time (put beyond use is the IRA euphemism) of so obvious a malignacy as the Iranian nuclear weapons programme, New Zealand could offer...nothing. This is when we will be shown for all the world the frauds we are. Spongers.

Who better to lead the charge than the greatest sponger of all, Winnie.

People, generally from the Left, who believe Blair to be Dubya's poodle need to think again. He is showing great leadership on this matter. The world will coalesce behind him. New Zealand will not be there. Afraid of upsetting our recently signed FTA with Iran.

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