Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Why are people surprised the Greens cannot connect with business

Roger Kerr has identified why the Greens charm offensive failed. Simply, they fail to consider or seek alternative opinions and are rooted in dogma.

During the election I blogged, here, on the hard wired links between the Greens and the Baader-Meinhof Gang. This is incontrovertible. What a heritage.

The Greens do not understand business at all and are pathologically opposed to market solutions (except of course peak oil, where in a remarkable foot trip, Jeanette Fizsimons during the election suggested that the price of fuel had gone too high too quickly and the GST or excise tax should be suspended??? - what was that going to do for consumption?, but I digress)

The Greens in New Zealand are caught in a 1970's Value's Party mindset - complete with a nirvana style attitude to so-called recreational drugs. While the world has got greener in attitude and approach, NZ's Greens are looking ever more like victims of the ozone hole - redder and redder.

Elsewhere thinking Greens are looking to adopt nuclear power and halt the ideological opposition - with zero carbonifereous and sulphurous emissions and an almost unlimited fuel supply, the single technological issue to solve is what to do with the waste. (and lb for GWH there is buggerall). Now that is a nice place to be - especially when you tell that to the 6,000 chinese miners widows made this year. Surely a thinking Green would bend their mind to solving the waste issue than trying to harness the wind on a calm day. Or do I give them too much credit - this afterall is the cold war we are (still) fighting...


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