Monday, March 27, 2006

Clark At Her Imperious Best

News tonight that Clark has said Parker will return to Cabinet and the post of Attorney-General if he is not prosecuted by the Companies Office is a carefully aimed dart - straight at the Companies Office.

Clark is putting the Companies Office on notice that she sees no harm in Parker's admitted lawbreaking. This is pressure from the highest level. In any other form it is the C word. Corruption.

Parker admitted serial falsifying of statutory records. His resignation was voluntary. Having said that, all commentators, including Clark said he had to go.

The resignation was from his Ministerial posts - because he betrayed the position he held. It was not a sentence for wrong-doing - that is still to come - after the conviction.

There is no way back - without a complete examiniation through the prosecution process. He can only come back by being exonerated by the Courts. Exonerated, not discharged or diverted, exonerated.
Prediction: Microchipping Dogs Will go the Way of the Fart Tax

Confirmation after today's Cabinet meeting by Clark that there is 'one rule for dogs' is an arrogant response to a widespread view that her government has it in for business and farming.

Seems it is OK for bikes/quads and tractors to be unregistered on farm but not dogs. As usual with Labour there is no equity in their decisions when business is involved.

A farmer on the weekend said any dogs that bite humans get the bullet - simple. No need for a chip there. He also said that a farm dog is so busy and getting exercise that biting humans is the last thing on the dog's mind.

Hopefully Benson-Pope will get the first chip 000001. Following his rabies shot.
Government Ministers at Centre of Driving Our Talent Out

A senior scientist has taken issue with the ineptitude displayed by Pete (Slugger) Hodgson in addressing climate change issues. In the words of the scientist - the Government's policy is chaotic. In his words "Pete Hodgson stuffed it up".

As if this is not bad enough - I listened to Dr Jim Salinger the Climate Change apologist at NIWA on moaning report today - banging on about how the 20th Century was typified by consistently rising temperatures as a result of CO2 and global warming.

Salinger ignores the cold facts:
In the 60's and 70's the scientific community was talking of a coming Ice Age - yep that's right all you Values Party fanatics
The increase over the whole of C20th was 0.5C! See here

There is now considerable disquiet at the accuracy of the UN intergovernmental climate change model, viz;
- (at a recent conference) Hans Von Storch was adamant that paleo-climate researchers must make their data available. He showed a chart suggesting that recent temperature trends were highly correlated to the level of unemployment in Germany (upstaging Steve who later showed a chart relating temperature trends to an index of stock prices)
Real doubt as to the accuracy of temperature recording 100 years ago

(as the conference droned on) Cuffey also asked most of the presenters whether the science was such that we could determine the average century-scale temperature 1000 years ago within 0.5 degrees centigrade. Every presenter said ‘no’ – except for Mann who claimed we know the average century-scale temperature 1000 years ago within 0.2 degrees centigrade.

etc etc

Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Home Invasion I Approve of

Aaron Bhatnaghar's team at C&R Now have acquired the lapsed domain name for Action Hobson.

Oh Irony Thou Art So Sweet.
They're All Doing It

News Deputy Prime Minister Prescott accepted loans (from property developers) of 3.5Million pounds for the UK Labour Party three months prior to allowing a mega shopping centre to be built in Croydon will do little to help Blair. One of the developers was on the list of potential peers who were blackballed (unheard of in modern times) because or probity concerns.

The loan news will just confirm how low the Labour Party has dropped. When two fingers (a reference to the Gins he served as a steward on the Cunard Line before becoming famous - and known now as Two Jags) Prescott is spruiking for Labour they must be in the shit.
Saw "Good Night and Good Luck" Last Night

A good movie. Most compelling thought was the parallels with our own Winston Peters. He operates exactly as McCarthy did. Same MO

McCarthy, initially refused to reveal any of the names on his (laundry) list of 205 people he claimed were Communists, but was eventually compelled to do so - as it turned out, there weren't 205 names on the list, and the majority of the names that were on it had nothing to do with Communists or Communism.

Dr Cullen heading down the same path with his oft spoken, but hitherto unrevealed 'dirt file'

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Talks to Bring Clive Woodward Back to the RFU are Well Advanced

Confirmation that the RFU has been in discussion with Sir Clive regarding returning to Director of Rugby (including the England side) is good news for New Zealand.

In typical Woodward fashion he wants the top job. i.e. Above the England Coach and a with Main Board seat.

We recall four things about Woodward.

  1. He was blessed with talent in his World Cup side that followed him blindly. He was extraordinarily lucky the AB's tripped up (badly) in the semi with Australia.
  2. He did not coach his team - the team ran itself after several up and down seasons. If you stick at something long enough it comes off. That man ain't a coach.
  3. He took complete control of the Lions (same as he asking for the England job (including from schoolboy rugby up - I might add) and made a pig's ear of it.
  4. Remember all the talk about - best prepared sporting (ie not just rugby) side to ever leave Great Britain. No detail left untended. Budget was all he asked for. etc etc.
Seen it all before?

Yep - me too. Same outcome I think as well. He will meet his Waterloo in France in 2007.

Have a laugh go read this:
Unease Following Harmeet Sooden's Rescue

I must say while the family are joyous and rightly so there are many aspects of this case that leave me very uneasy.

  1. In the wake of the rescue - colleagues of Sooden are quoted as saying it was the US and Bush that got Harmeet 'into this mess'. Well hello - Sooden went to Iraq under his own steam with his own agenda months AFTER Saddam was toppled. To blame Bush is hypocrisy and misguided.
  2. Not one word of thanks to his rescuers - risking their own lives. Remember Sooden and his mates put themselves at risk travelling to Iraq - on their 'peace' mission. This story now picked up by the UK press - see here.
  3. I see today TVNZ are coughing up for the travel and accommodation of Sooden's father and brother-in-law. These people who have used the media widely to keep Sooden's incarceration in the public eye have now blocked access by TV3 - given their lucrative arrangements with TVNZ. Not exactly New Testament behaviour or thinking by the travellers.
  4. Worse - Sooden and his mates are refusing to assist the rescue group with intelligence on the hostage takers - intelligence that might prevent a similar incarceration and could lead to the rescue of others.
  5. The impression is this refusal is not some form of Stockholm Syndrome - it is Sooden's group's policy to not cooperate with foreign soldiers in Iraq. Of course Sooden was not a foreign soldier...Onward Christian Soldiers and all that...
  6. Usefully the international Press describe Sooden as a Canadian. Good - make sure he stops there on the way out of Iraq. Call it home Harmeet. Call on the troops that risked their lives to save you.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Is Dunedin A Breeding Ground for Labour Crooks?

David (Pinocchio) Benson-Pope - serial bully, proven liar and mendacious sophistrist, prima facie assaulter.
Pete (slugger) Hodgson - prima facie assaulter
David (it was only a mistake (5 years running)) Parker - document falsifier

No wonder Dr Cullen left town and sought solace on the list.
Parker Must Hate Clark (but he'll hate his Dunedin colleague more)

Interesting isn't it. Clark coulda, woulda, shoulda, sacked David Benson-Pope on several occasions. At any time, for his unconscionable lying in the House. As we all know she didn't. In fact she turned on his accusers.

Roll forward a week or three and David Parker has to go - I think he deserves all he got - but in any event all political capital had been expended on the scoundrel Benson-Pope and none was left for Parker. If you had a choice of the two - Benson-Pope wouldn't make the list.

Clark has done a massive disservice to her colleagues and crucified the wrong man through acts of omission and commission.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Clark Grizzles There Was a New Style in Politics

And she did not like it

Well Helen nor do we.

And, with a big Hat-tip to David Farrar here is your new style:

David Parker - resigned for false official returns
Lianne Dalziel - resigned for lying
Dover Samuels - stood down over personal issues
Marian Hobbs - stood down for claiming out of Wgtn accommodation
Ruth Dyson - resigned for drink driving
David Benson-Pope - stood down for bullying and lying allegations
Helen Clark - should have stood down for painting forgery
John Tamihere - resigned/sacked for various misdeeds
Taito Philip Field - when does he come onto the block for corrupt practice
Harry Duynhoven - not eligible to stand as he was not a citizen. H1 conveniently backdated the law to fit.

Yep - Helen you promised new standards - we don't like 'em.

Monday, March 20, 2006

And Another Thing

Admitted fraudster David Parker has decided that while his fraud was too hot to remain Attorney-General it was not sufficiently pungent or execrable to give up his Ministerial warrants as Minister of Energy or Minister of Transport.

Do the crime do the time David.

Interesting Clark (and Parker) are confirming there are several standards for Minister's portfolios. Some allow fraudsters, bounders and chancers; other just bounders and chancers; some are the preserve of chancers only like D B-P.
So Who Do You Believe?

Chris Carter
...Carter ...told the Weekend Herald his instinct was to protect the environment.

Helen Clark
...She said the decision was not made on instinct and Mr Carter received a large amount of advice from officials which would have guided his decision. ...


Oh 'Tis Such Fun - I am Wallowing In It

Prima Facie Clark today on 1ZB:

Asked about the allegation on NewstalkZB this morning, Helen Clark said: "I'm not going to start a public inquiry every time Investigate magazine decides to smear somebody, which is every month on average".

Perhaps she should take more care...

I think her scandal sheet is averaging above one per month.

What a scalp - an Attorney-General no less. He will now be dog tucker because he lost his seat last election. No way back from there.

Any news on the replacement? I guess it will be the mean mouthed history teacher, if only pro tem. Look what happened last time he got distracted when H1 made him A-G and he played at Lawyering - he lost focus in his real job. We got the chewing budget, tax cut promises from the road builder Mike Williams and other nonsense.

Bring It On.

Hubris has overtaken her - the rout is on.

Vive la Revolution!

Irony thou 'ist so Sweet

Clark must be livid.

One minute she is defending her Attorney-General by denigrating Investigate magazine and denying any requirement whatsoever to investigate the allegations it contained - despite of course the magazine producing actual Companies Office records...

Next minute the Attorney-General does not follow the Labour Cabinet Manual - the one that says, lie, lie, and lie again and if that does not work deny, deny, and deny again; and resigns admitting his errors.

A great day for the VRWC

ps Brash scoring points on the Pledge Card as well tonight.
Finally a Labour Minister With Integrity

News Attorney- General Parker has resigned will be greeted with glee by the VRWC. Finally a Minister who has the guts to face up to his responsibilities as a Minister and resign when his actions have been found to be less than the standard expected.

Parker has been found falsely filing documents with the Companies Office while a Labour MP. See here for the story

Good on him for resigning before one sun set on the story.

Parker's quick action shows what craven crooks inhabit the rest of the Clark Ministry. Starting with David Benson-Pope, including her prima facie self H1, Philip Field, paintergate, doonegate, speedgate etc etc.
Another Labour Con Trick

To avoid the usual odium accompanying a Government's plans to track its citizens via ID cards Labour is pulling the oldest trick in the book.

Announcing an initiative to reduce violence and child homicide, David Benson-Pope (a well experienced expert in the child abuse arena) has agreed to consider ID cards for kids.

The notion is to track the kids at school - what has happened to taking the roll? Then following up the truants - then, that morning. Two occasions of truancy, notified to parents and the parents are truants as well on the third. Sheet home the accountability.

The problem is not with schools it is with parents - too busy, too uninvolved, too I have blogged here, and here. The child murders do not happen at school Cindy and David. They happen in homes (or more accurately houses) - and another thing, Lillybing was a toddler as were many of the other atrocious killings. School tagging would not sort that.

In a thoughtful post Lucyna discusses the traps inherent on relying on computer databases to sort out child abuse. As she points out databases track information, not people. The big error will be for the various agencies cooperating now, to think the computer will make the connections. The connections are made by people thinking and doing their job.

Interested managers and staff with the right understanding of what needs to be done AND THE INTERESTS OF THE CHILDREN AT THE CENTRE OF WHAT THEY DO can do wonders, with or without a fancy computer system.

In all the tragic cases of children falling through the cracks (as DBP puts it), everytime there was more than one government agency with sufficient knowledge of the case that could have taken some direct action and prevented the tragedy.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Classic Labour (non)Solution

In a knee jerk response to text bullying Minister Maharey has aked the school review organisation ERO to add 'anti-Bullying Strategies' to the organisation's checklist.

Be aware ERO reviews a school every three years - early childhood education centres are four years.

This will take years for ERO to review school policies, set new standards and check compliance.

Maharey knows that. A bullied child at Intermediate school may have left one year before the next ERO review. That is no solution.

In any event it is not a school problem - the key issue with text bullying is the bullying at school follows the child home and into their home. There is no safe zone.

This is a parenting problem. See my earlier blog.

As usual with Labour they try to make it an institutional problem/solution - the problem is parents not facing up to their responsibilities and dealing with the bully in their midst. (sounds like the Labour government doesn't it) - witness David Benson-Pope.
Government Proposal to Charge Auckland Harbour Bridge Tolls of $6

A Government paper launched today by Transport Minister Parker and Finance Minister Cullen recommends 5 proposals to ease Auckland congestion:

Among the ideas promoted:

A harbour bridge toll of $6
A congestion charge to enter an Ithsmus cordon $3
A CBD charge $5
A charge on public and private parks in the city $10

So why is Auckland singled out for special treatment?

This is iniquitous - seriously so.

Why or how has Winstone Peters scored a new, additional bridge in Tauranga at no additional cost to users. Buy off that's how.

What about the overbuilt (in relative terms) highway system in the South Island - deserted /unused highway for miles. Taxpayer provided.

Will the government devote the funds needed to actually make a viable rail passenger system in Auckland. It is starving it of capital.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Labour Engulfed by Loans Row

Maybe we won't see Helen Clark's pin-up boy here shortly afterall - seems Blair has been running a Peerage for Loans scam. This story seems to be getting legs fast. The deal is that loans to party coffers are not required to be disclosed. Only donations need get mentioned.

It raises a good question in my mind. Given the NZ Labour Party's propensity to copy all it can from its British alter ego - Pledge card anyone? - has the NZ Labour Party got around to raising funding in a similar anonymous way?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Get Carter

Housing Minister Carter (boy he gets around) won't throw state tenants out of their houses once they no longer need the subsidised accommodation. Whale Oil has the facts.

Carter says the reason they are in the house is because the National Government (ed: 9 years ago) introduced market rentals and he won't throw anyone out of 'their' house.

Two key points:
1. As Whale Oil succintly points out it is not their house.
2. It was the disestablishment of market rentals that makes it possible for the tenants to remain in subsidised accommodation long term. Only the landlord - ultimately the Minister, can change the game.

If market rentals with a housing supplement had remained the policy the tenant would find a house in keeping with their income because the (lowering) supplement (as income improved) would encourage the tenant to satisfice. This would free up a state house for a more needy state beneficiary.

As usual Labour do nothing substantive to help the needy - they only know how to make ideological rants. They also know only how to tell the needy that the reason their needs cannot be accommodated is because National had some policy 9 years ago.

As I say Get Carter.
Turkeys Vote For Christmas

A Bill to reduce Parliament to 100 members has passed its first hurdle. NZ First's Barbara Stewart was supported 61/59. Our resident democrats, Labour (50), Greens (6) and United Future (3) were agin its introduction.

Tanczos said it would lead to an unrepresentative Parliament - certainly I agree dope smokers would struggle to make it. Not sure society goes backwards at that point. He cited two lawyers; a Lab and a Nat who made an 'immeasurable contribution legislation at the select committee stage." Well Nandor - best you promote a few lawyers up your list if they are so necessary.
Rickards Has Not Learnt

Was Clint Rickards' decision to wear police uniform to court, in contravention of well established Police procedure, merely a mistake or was it demonstrative of the way the man works. Calculated to intimidate.

It looked to me to be demonstrative of the pressure the complainant claims Rickards put her under - she said she had no choice because he was a Policeman and twice her size. In other words did Rickards try to do to the jury what Nicholas claims he did to her - intimidate. Freudian I suggest. Or perhaps he is more of a Kant.
Another Underarm?

Barely a fortnight has passed since Dr Cullen met with his "great colleague" Peter Costello to discuss trans-tasman integration and relations. We were assured that all was rosy.

How do we equate undying and principled love with today's announcement (which has come out of Australia) that from June all unpackaged fresh produce from NZ exported to Australia will need country of origin stickers or labels. This is the Aussie government's response to Aussie farmers complaining NZ farmers produce at lower costs and are displacing their product in shops!

So much for a common market.

What has Cullen achieved in 9 years at the helm of CER? Nothing. He gets dicked everytime.

Prediction - the apples will never make it while we have Labour in charge. Especially now they have axed their most effective trade minister - Speeder Sutton
Benson-Pope Off the Front of Stage (for now)

National has eased up on Benson-Pope. Probably good strategy. I think there will be new information to come to light. Easing back now will leave weight in reserve for next time. Presently it would look like kicking a man while down. What is important is that Benson-Pope is officially now a lame duck. Shooting him would be a mercy (for him and those he tormented) but Clark won't - she will come to rue the day.

Anyway there is more sport with Chris Carter - who I suspect does not have the wit to stay out of serious trouble. I suspect there are plenty of sleepers in his portfolio - showing lack of due process, helping himself to things/baubles (or for his mates) that are not his etc. He reputedly has what some might call a reckless or risky (que?) lifestyle and I suspect it will carry on into his work. National should get Nick Smith out of it (because Carter will always dredge up Smith's time in the portfolio as a smoke screen) and put a proper attack dog onto Carter. Careful analysis of his decisions will quickly reveal breaches of natural justice and due process. He is not a careful man.
Text Bullying is a Parental Problem As Well

The recent discussion regarding TXT bullying following the tragic death of a child in Putaruru has brought parent's into the spotlight. Tapu Misa writes today that busy parents ("too busy, too distracted, or too spineless") are also culpable. I agree. Last week our daughter was off on School Camp. The very clear (ie explicit) instructions were that the children were not to take cellphones or iPods on camp. The school insisted there was no need for that equipment. We complied, despite a very grumpy daughter.

What actually happened - many (most) took phones. The school disciplined those (few) they caught - but there was no campaign to root them all out. The school hid behind privacy rules and said they could not search a pupil's belongings. Puhlease. No need to search just up the sanctions:

For me - I would amp it up as they got on the bus.

"This is your last chance - handover the phone. If it is found your parents can collect it at the end of term.

Inform the parents of a child pleading parental consent - "XXX said you said the phone could go on camp - we are disappointed that you ignored the school's direct and written request.

Unsurprisingly and disappointingly many parents did not take the opportunity to wean their child off a constant diet of TXT. One said - "I know they are not allowed phones, but I've let .... have her's - oh well". How ignorant is that?

As Tapu says: There are too many parents wanting to be Cool Mums or Cool Dads and not acting as responsible grown-ups.
Carter's Canniving Canard - Caught Conning No-One

The Government's Minister - Chris Carter has been telling porkies (probably a very insulting reference given his Arabic "mates") regarding where his support for going nuclear at Whanga comes from. Carter's dissembling was uncovered within one session in the House - the only support he could quote was emails running at 2:1. Emails it was proved he and his lying mates generated and worse for him - evidenced his decision to axe the Marina was taken three days before the Envirionment Court had released its decision. Carter did not have the guts to prorogue the Court - he waited while the applicants and the Court itself wasted (still) more money before he launched his pre-meditated and pre-conceived money shot.

Is there a more abusive Minister holding the GG's warrant? That man has no shame. Best thing he could do? - prove the Great White is no danger by swimming with one.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Another al-Qaeda Attack?

Chat amongst al-Qaeda operatives is at levels last seen prior to 9/11. David Farah posts on his blog. While the signs are there that the bad guys are working themselves into attack mode - it is not clear who or what the target is and whether they will be successful. Around the time of 9/11 an enormous amount of (now seemingly) obvious intelligence was either discounted or not acted apon. That is no longer the case.

We are safe down this end of the globe - F69 is breaking up, Chris Carter is saving Great White Sharks and chatting to his boyfriend on his cellphone while downloading the Air New Zealand flight schedule; meanwhile the friend of all teenage girls Benson-Pope is awarding pay rises to all beneficiaries in his ward.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Antique Media Suckered by Labour

David Benson-Pope releases a pay rise for all beneficiaries on Sunday night - a slow news night. No scrutiny.

Chris Carter proposes Monday to save the Great White Shark - lead news item at 6 pm and the Late news.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Why does the Liberal Left Lose Objectivity?

A great fisking in The Daily Telegraph regarding the supposed brutal treatment of a British detainee at Guantanamo Bay.

"Moazzam Begg is an innocent victim of American brutality". That was the way the British-born former Guantanamo Bay detainee presented himself this week as he toured television and radio stations to promote a book he co-wrote with the former Guardian journalist Victoria Brittain.

But Begg's account is starkly at odds with the signed statement he gave to FBI agents while held in Afghanistan after his capture in February 2002, a copy of which has been obtained exclusively by The Daily Telegraph. In the statement, which US officials insist was not obtained under duress, Begg admits to having attended three separate al-Qa'eda terrorist training camps in Afghanistan where he learnt to fire AK-47 rifles and rocket-propelled grenades and use primitive explosive devices.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

U2 Boo Hoo

Staggered by today's news that the U2 Concert on St Patrick's Day is postponed sine die. Fuck.

Received text regarding postponement and the surreal moment returning from lunch at Eden Park to see a Billboard on New North Road for the U2 concert - "We'll be here With or Without You" - Fair trading action coming up.
Spot the Fraud

Law-abiding South African family emigrates to New Zealand - find work in Whangarei. Find better work in Auckland - move there. Update Immigration a little late on change of address and employer - Immigration say only solution is to return to SA and re-apply for NZ Residence!

Ahmed Zaoui - sneaks to New Zealand and lies about past. Draws extensively on legal aid and welfare to the tune of $2million. Does not work. Claims life in danger in Algeria but would return once it was safe. Algeria -declares amnssty of previous 'freedom fighters' eg Zaoui - Zaoui no longer wants to go home. GOvernment taking no steps to kick him out.

Moral of the story - as usual with Labour (publishers of The Double Standard) as the Government - never tell the truth, cheat, lie and dissemble and maintain a firm hold on the public teat while trying to get your back legs into the trough. The law-abiding if slow get crushed.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Carter Confirms Conceit

In a widely telegraphed decision Conservation Minister Chris Carter has confirmed his view that he is above the law.

Carter's extraordinary decision is peppered with self serving selective sops to minorities.

The most disquieting aspect of this sorry saga is the ease with which Carter overturns days of hearings by experts to a tribunal populated by professionals.

I think this is the apogee of the Arrogant - Labour Party

Carter the king of the cellphone bill and the NZ politician with the record for spousal air travel - Wadda guy

Monday, March 06, 2006

Will this be the Apogee of Labour's Arrogance?

Rumours that Conservation Minister Carter will veto the recently approved Whangamata marina abound.

Presumably the rumours arise from the Labour kite flying - or as another has put the strategy -

"Throw it on the porch and see if the cat licks it up"

The Environment Court decision was arrived at after extensive, voluminous and precise hearings where all points of view would have been canvassed and all parties had formal opportunities to make 'their case' .

This dear reader is the fundament upon which our legal system exists - transparency and access.

It is vital that Ministers of the Crown support both the process of law and its outcomes.
It would wrong for Carter to decide, unilaterally, to overturn a decision of the Court. This was no small matter decided in an afternoon. If Carter does veto he trivialises our legal system.

The rumours are Carter is planning to veto the development on grounds the proposed marina is an exclusive activity. The action of veto could not be more exclusive - especially if it comes after extensive, public, moderated court hearings.

By its nature Carter's veto would be exclusive. He would be making a decision without all interested parties making representation to him. He is narrowing the ambit of the available analysis.

Importantly he placing himself above the Courts.

The reason we have a Court process is to ensure, all points of view are aired. The merits are assessed according to the law and judgement reached. The Court has determined on the Whangamata Marina - Carter should leave it well alone.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Benson-Pope Given Patsy Opportunity by TV One

Close-Up tonight gave Benson-Pope an easy ride. Sainsbury let BePop make the agenda. The issue, ignored by friend Sainsbury is this:

Benson-Pope has repeatedly lied in the House. Why? Why? Why?

That is the issue.

Benson-Pope is trying to turn on his accusers - he has only himself to blame - none of the allegations have been shown to be false - every enquiry has come up with either prima facie proof or corroboration by other parties.

This man has Ministerial Warrants - the House is the only check and balance on unbridled abuse of power. Benson-Pope's, Clark's, Maharey's and Goff's support has an unbelievable stench about it.

The Clark administration is rotten if they cannot see the issue is integrity not what Benson-Pope did as a teacher (reprehensible as it was/is)
Spot the Difference

"My actions were within the law of the time" - Saddam Hussein

"I operated within the policy of the school at the time" - David Benson-Pope