Monday, October 30, 2006

Clark now Ditching Agnosticism to Embrace Christianity

In a breathtaking volte-face the viciously agnostic Labour leadership is now emphasising the party's Christain heritage and foundations! Using declared christian David Cunliffe to front, Labour is now seeking to present a Christian face to the party....

The lengths they will go to...

Recall Clark and the other agnostic toadies in their the vilification of the Christain Heritage party and the Destiny Church as sects....

The ongoing absolute crucification by the Labour leadership regarding the Exclusive Brethren

and so on...

As I've said before

falsus in uno falsus in omnibus

False in one thing, false in everything
Whale Oil on Fire

Whale Oil has cut a delightful and cruel video of the Labour Party Conference

See here for his latest YouTube offering.

Great line was - Helen, Can I introduce you to Dr Peter Davis, as they formally shake hands!

Hattip: Whaleoil

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Massive Slip Blocks Coast Road to Eastbourne

As the poor weather continues to batter the lower North Island a large slip has blocked the road to Eastbourne.

While I feel for the folks in the region it is also a reminder why I enjoy Auckland.
Enron's Skilling Gets 24 Years

Jeffrey Skilling has been sentenced to 24 years in prison (well, home detention). He was also ordered to pay $45Million in restitution.

Pity we do not have the same outcome in New Zealand when powerful people misuse their position and steal.

Monday, October 23, 2006

US$5 Billion Project to Expand Panama Canal Gets Go Ahead

Panamanians have voted 2/3 in a referendum to expand the Canal to take larger vessels - current maximum size container ships are around 4,000 TEU - the expanded canal will handle vessel sizes of <12,000 TEU.

This is a major re-build of the original canal which was operational in 1914, under US Government ownership who took it over once the original French backers went bust 10 years earlier.

It will be the end of an era - I can remember when vessels were described as Panamax (the 4,000TEU vessels mentioned above and post-Panamax...vessels too large to traverse the canal. The new Panamax will be a much larger beast.

It will be interesting to see how shipping companies react - just going to larger vessels is not a total solution because it means less frequency as a tradeoff to lower capital and operational costs per container.

If the final go-ahead is given construction will start in 2008 and be completed in 2014.
Unions Won't Contribute to (re)Pay the Stolen Funds

Unions have said their funds
will not be used to get Labour off the hook with the unlawful spending.

Line of the day.....
"We also don't want to be seen as an ATM machine to remedy the mistakes of others" says Andrew Little of the Engineering, Print and Manufacturing Union (EMPU).

Ha ha - ATM machine...remedy mistakes of others...

Fecked Helen, fecked.

Clark's week finishes on a low note. No wonder she's buggered off to Fiji to sort out the Solomons. I guess with her expert knowledge on the intricasies of making 'good' use of government funds she is well placed to fix the corrupt regimes infesting the melanesian nations of the SW and Western Pacific
Labour Munted in Latest One News Poll

The gap between Labour and National has stretched to 13% with Labour on 39%. National is within sniffing distance of governing alone on 49%.

Clark's personal rating has dropped. The lies, dissembling and inability to manage a crumbling empire are taking their toll.

The electorate will sense a rout and reducing support will only get worse. Many of the lemmings out there in la la land prefer to back winners. The stench of decay is not a good look and Clark will be getting an ever wider berth.

Another great day ends for the VRWC
$1000 is a lot of money in Samoa

Reports El Jefe El Ladrón Field gave the thai tiler $1,000 during a chance encounter are prima facie corruption allegations. $1,000 either as WS Tala or NZ$ is a lot of money for anyone in Samoa. If El Ladrón gave the money - and by his own admission he did - this is a serious issue. It cannot be pushed to one side as simply Field helping a person, he came across, with a small personal loan. Field may be many things but he hasn't suddenly lost his high capacity for self-interest.

I have visited Samoa a lot over 25 years and I know that $1,000 is a King's ransom for many Samoans.

This looks worse for El Ladrón when you consider the thai tiler is an immigrant/worker sponsored by the Fields, under notice from the Samoan Government to shoot through by the end of the month, unable to return to New Zealand because Helen Clark has used her normal tactic of putting the word out to Government Agencies and Ministry's via a contrived media conference, and so on.

Labour and Field have stuffed the thai tiler.
Just What's Needed to Guide the Strike Onto Dear Leader

This giant Swiss Army knife is said to have all the tools.

I could not see a painting forger, speed detector or gender bender on the list.

The laser pointer will come in useful for the VRWC to point out the liars, cheats, fraudsters, dissemblers, sophistrists and other ne'er do wells in Labour's ranks.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fran O'Sullivan Continues her Excoriation of the Prime Minister

Readers of this blog will recall my admiration for the strong and principled positions Fran O'Sullivan has taken this year in her columns. The run continues today. See here

Almost alone in the MSM O'Sullivan has continued to address the unlawfulness of the Prime Minister and her department in several actions, her set up of the then Commissioner of Police on taking office, the gutlessness of the Police when it comes to Clark, her Ministers and Labour in general, and the other lying and cheating we of the VRWC have vainly tried to expose.

A weird issue has been Clark's latest ploy to demonise criticisers as 'right wing bloggers'

This epithet I proudly wear and the grins gets wider every time Clark utters it - all she is doing is legitimising the excoriation and normalising political blogs.

Even a casual observer will note the bloggers of the VRWC are a rainbow collection with a wide and eclectic range of views. The bloggers of the left are a narrow bunch who spend their days regurgitating ninth floor press releases and spouting Malardisms...sorry lot
The Apogee of Clark's Nanny State?

In an extraordinary step it would appear Clark's Corrupt regime are going to emulate the very best of state run governments and completely takeover the manufacture and distribution of tobacco and tobacco products. Reported in today's NZ Herald. This looks like the worst of something Stalin or Kim Jong-Il would dream up.

What is the difference between a private sector company selling the products and the state; if the alleged problem is the potency and poison of the product why allow it to be sold by anyone? Do you really believe the packaging is the problem? the marketing? The problem is it is addictive. If you really want to prevent consumption ban it. This smacks of mummy knows best...

Personally I hate the products and the companies that market and sell them. The quicker they go out of business the better. They are however legitimate businesses working in a highly regulated environment.

The signal Clark sends to the business community is the real problem.

So far this election cycle she has removed long standing property rights from

Carbon Credits

After her first election she nationalised ACC and destroyed private insurers
Her xenophobia meant Air New Zealand was not able to take on additional capital from Singapore Airlines to buy Ansett - instead Air NZ tried to go it alone and needed a government bailout of $885 Million.

Now she and her mediocre ministers are trying to stiff the consumer with a cosy deal between Air New Zealand and Qantas.

The Clark regime is a meddling, mendacious mob.

International businesses should be afraid - very afraid.
Online Petition's Run is Unabated

34,000 and climbing. And that's on a holiday weekend when many are away from PC's and the internet. The people are speaking - Clark and Cullen's arrogance has touched a major hotpoint.

I guess online petitions are the next media to be banned.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Bylaws to prevent cars from using bus lanes has been found to be unlawful. However with breathtaking hypocrisy Labour Ministers will not backdate legislation that would enable motorists unlawfully fined to get their money back.

The Government has changed the law but has refused to backdate it because, according to parliamentary documents obtained by The Southland Times, Cabinet ministers said they were against retrospective laws and didn't think many people would ask for their money back.

So, Labour will backdate legislation to legalise their own corrupt, deceitful, conniving, thieving actions.

Labour will not backdate legislation to right the wrong of good people unlawfully fined under unlawful bylaws.

How out of touch is this mob?
Online petition will be 30,000 before the night's out

Sign up if you have not already - here

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Online Petition to Governor-General to Refuse Royal Assent to the Clark Theft Bill

Blair Mulholland's online petition to the G-G seeking his refusal to sign into law Clark's Bill legalising her theft of public money to support her corrupt regime through last year's election campaign is going gang busters. Tonight the total is 16,664 signatures.

Sign up here

Miss Clark's misery continues - she thought she could square this little problem away by a simple law change and the issue would be gone by lunchtime. This time the problem is not going away - compounding six years of conceit, arrogance, dissembling, sophistry, and mendacious argument has meant her time is up. There is no way back

It will be hard for Clark to argue that there are 16,664 right wing bloggers plaguing her. This is the rank and file making their heart felt opinion heard.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Labour Using Urgency and Lies as Reinforcement for Further Theft

Labour is reported in The Dom Post

It says more than $40 million a year spent by political parties across the board on travel, communications costs and staff for parliamentary business is at risk of being declared unlawful without the legislation.

What a load of garbage - see here with DPF and here for Sir Humphrey's as to why this is a load of tosh. Most parliamentary exoenditure is properly handled and authorised. There is nothing to clarify. Jim Anderton and Matt (whoever) managed to stay within the rules as well as did the Maori Party and National's leadership.

Clark is using the public misgivings about her theft of the money and appearances to fix it up to ram through wide ranging legiaslation to provide cover for a much wider transfer of wealth from the Treasury to Labour.

I am hoping Act and National strategists and legal beagles are up to spotting the fraud and and making a meal of Clark, Cullen and Peters when the draft legislation hits the floor of the House.

Note her mention of tagged accounts in the Dom Post - well the 2005/2006 accounts are not yet out and I doubt they are with the Auditor- General - in that circumstance there is nothing to fix. THEY ARE NOT TAGGED.
Labour MP's Payrise Will Cover The Stipend For The Money They Pinched

The Higher Salaries Commission is due to advise on salary increases for parliamentarians. If it is in line with Bollard's guidelines it will north of 4%, back dated to July. (like their legislation...).

So parliament, the gift that keeps in giving.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Another Weird Sect for Clark to Cashier

To stay true to herself and her party Clark should be pillorying this weird, self-centred, narrow minded group of activists and nutters. For the record, they are the Royal NZ Forest and Bird Society ( - well known for their extreme views and constant criticism of Government Ministers and Policy

Have a look at the lineup of media releases so far this year. Many are directed at hapless Government Ministers.

Better still look at the weirdo in the photo. Purple shirt, bearded, well befitting a virulent sect. (apologies to Pres Peter Maddison)

Heaven knows how much money they have scored from the Government - their Annual Report of four pages total is beyond paucity.

This weird sect looks like a Friendly Society to me - guess with their charitable status Clark will shut them down too.
Further to my post on Cullen's validating legislation

The other aim of this legislation is to destroy the case of Darnton vs Clark which is seeking a High Court declaration the Pledge card spending was wrong. It is apparently an open and shut case. Hence Clark wants it shut, early.

The lengths this corrupt mob will go to to stay in power? This is Mugabesque.
The Enabling or Validating Legislation is an Enormous Con

As I blogged yesterday here, Labour has no intention of paying the money back. DPF has come to a similar conclusion.

The only thing that needs Validating legislation is the FY 2004/2005 money Labour filched from the Treasury. The FY2005/2006 funds can be paid back this year and no questions will be asked - it is not overdue - the accounts have not been signed off yet...think of it as short term loan Michael, Helen, Pete, whoever...

However what Cullen is planning is a montrous rort. Cullen is a cunning stunt. His planned legislation is wide ranging and far reaching. He is looking to solve more problems than just the FY2004/2005 theft. He is planning to use momentum to steamroll the thicker of the smaller parties; By panicking the Greens, NZ First and others into supporting his Validating legislation. Cullen actually plans to make legal all his illegal payments in the 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 years and also make legal his planned expenditure on Pledge cards and similar expenditure going forward.

This legislation is not aimed just at Validating the earlier rorts it is aimed squarely at allowing Labour to continue to raid the Treasury for its electoral purposes, without any accountability or come back.

Labour is planning to ram all this legislation through under urgency and therefore without the usual processes of parliamentary scrutiny like select committees. Without even those checks and balances Labour will run riot.

All parties have to demand that any validating legislation applies only to the FY2004/2005. They should also demand that it is properly scrutinised by parliament. However that is secondary if the legislation applies only to FY2004/2005.
Londonistan Cops it Again

In an almost Laurel and Hardyesque rage moslem clerics are outraged the London Olympics in 2012 will be held over Ramadan.

Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra, an imam on the Muslim Council of Great Britain, said: "I'm sure the athletes will seek advice from their scholars.

As followers of Ramadan must fast during the hours of daylight - the allegation is moslem athletes will be disadvantaged.

This shows to me how pernicious the moslem faith has become. For convenience Christians standardise their key festivals like Christmas on a certain date. The rest flows from there.

Ramadan follows a strict lunar calendar and gets 11 days earlier every year...

So why does the rest of the world have to kowtow to these lunatics.

When will they get a sense of proportion?

I think the key issue is the observance of the festival and ritual by the followers not the timing. Any cleric with half a brain would see it gthat way and make suitable accommodations...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Niall Ferguson Nails It

In a thoughtful and insightful piece Professor Niall Ferguson discusses the hopeless position taken by the UN Security Council in dealing with North Korea and openly states it is well past its use by date with no hope of resurrection.

Ferguson canvasses the faults and the obvious tension, with China and Russia against what might be termed the West. Ferguson surmises China and Russia with a hefty dose of what they would see as realpolitik are prepared to accept nuclear armed North Korea and Iran as pals in their own struggle against their perceived hegemony of the US.

We are at a sorry point. I am sure Ferguson has it on the button, if you'll pardon the pun.

He quotes the french philospher Alexis de Tocqueville (one of my favourites as readers of this blog will attest) in respect of the UN and its members looking to reform the institution....
"the most dangerous moment for a bad government is usually when it begins to reform itself".

de Tocqueville's wise words are apposite, appropriate and apt.

So what do we do? As I blogged earlier now is not the time for a forelock tugging race to the bottom.

I think the time is upon us when wise words need to transform into sober and cold judgement of the position the world is in a geo-political sense. From that sober analysis we can begin to see who are the goodies and the baddies (yep, it's got to that) and not follow some blind trail that simply states multi-lateralism through the UN is the way ahead.

New Zealand rather than simply falling into line with the Security Council resolution on NoKor might have been better placed to offer real leadership on what the real issues are: China not playing the game vis a vis NoKor, Russia snuggling up to Iran. The US losing its moral authority by not establishing real coalitions of like-minded countries before acting and so on.

However that said America is still a crucial player in the solution and we should be minded to get alongside them, and soon. It is still true that "America is great because America is good ..." (usually wrongly attributed to de Tocqueville).

There is precious little that the ruling elite in either China or Russia have in common with New Zealand, its values or its people. We stand apart from them and what they stand for and do. The sooner this is acknowleged and we stop the faux demagoguery of Republicans in the US the better. Pick a real target Helen, Phil, Trev and Winnie - not the easy ones you find convenient and popular. Value the democracy that is the US not belittle it.
Peters Signals NZ First Will Work With National

Conference speeches today reveal that Peters is positioning his party to go with National next time around.

Obviously feeling the heat sitting with the corrupt party...

...but savouring the baubles of office and relishing the opportunity to make a contribution to world affairs by saving us all from Kim Jong-Il.

On further reflection short men, platform shoes? I think there's a connection here...
Peters at Forefront of North Korea Action

As a poodle doing the bidding of a labrador Winston Peters has announced New Zealand's immediate action on implementing the UN Security Council resolution on NoKor.

This smells as one of the bigger "Yeah Rights" of the week.

From Radio NZ

NZ to move quickly on resolution

The Foreign Minister Winston Peters says New Zealand will move quickly to implement the resolution. Mr Peters says it was adopted under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which all member states, including New Zealand, are obliged to follow

So what's our contribution Winnie? Nothing? Well we have nothing to help with.
Hmmm, thought so.

I guess your colleague the Minister of Disarment has failed this month, but I digress. Good thing you get a chance to have a go. Another meeting with Condy coming up? Too bad you thought her reference to five plus five was a drinking game - but then the spider intervened didn't it.

Back to the UN Resolution; This is a toothless resolution from a toothless, grungy rug that was once the skin of a sloth.

The UN is useless and its uselessness makes the world a more dangerous place if people still think it can make a positive contribution.

Unless and until there is a complete blockade of all shipping in and out of North Korea (by land, sea and air) - with all shipments (in and out) checked for any arms/weapons/systems/parts of systems etc at all, the Resolution and the "unity of the world community" is pointless, worryingly naive and downright dangerous.

Bloody interesting and a little ironic the first act of the new(Korean) UN S-G is to declare a tough resolution against NorKor and his second action might be to declare military action against NorKor under UN auspices (as last time in 1951) when Kim Jong-Il lets off another fire cracker in a week or two and the world's patience runs out....
Double Pincer in the House This Week

1. Clark's absolutely wretched analysis and cover-up of el-Jefe Field should be a major point of attack.

Today's SST has more on the dodgy Labour Minister. This dude was selling work corrupt is that? She knew he was a crook, she knew he was crooked and she knew he was up to crooked practices - I'd call her Lady Macbeth (one of Shakespeare’s most famous and frightening female characters) but I always thought Lady Macbeth was a hottie.

The analogy fits all the same - in the final scene of Hamlet, Lady Macbeth has been reduced to sleepwalking through the castle, desperately trying to wash away an invisible bloodstain

2. Dr Brash should keep the pressure up on Labour (and NZ First, the Greens and United Future) to immediately pay up the money they stole.

Don't let them keep up the charade of the whip-a-round.

The tactic would be to apply maximum pressure to NZ First whose votes are needed - saying you said you have the money - make sure everyone else has paid up before you agree to passing the legislation - simple commercial pressure. Don't let up. If you give in the bastards will drop you and not pay up. As a minor party you'll have to front with the money to have any credibility with your voters - Clark has greater resources and will tough it out - you'll die helping her...
Hypothesis - Labour Have NO Plan to Pay Back the Stolen Money

A rough timeline
Pre A-G final report
1. Clark's puppy Hodgson said they were not going to pay it back - no matter what the Auditor-General said.

2. Labour will pass legislation making legal what was illegal.

Post A-G report
3. A-G final report says Labour stole $824,000

4. Labour spins it as merely a legal interpretation that their hired guns disagree with (and in the enfilade shoot their own man, who they recently appointed to the Appeal Court, former S-G Terence Arnold).

5. Labour president Williams on the charm offensive with a quick whip around to give the notion Labour are moving quickly to give back the stolen goods found in their possession. This is all baloney - it is aimed to fail and known to fail. Initial public action the torpor is the plan.

6. Dr Cullen spins that Treasury urge immediate enabling legislation and say it is a confidence issue which requires NZ First support and Green's obeisance.

7. I think that once the legislation is passed Labour will have no incentive (or legal need) to pay the money back and they'll hope no-one is looking further - more of their normal arrogance.

Dr Brash should now demand immediate payment like many of the other parties have done. Maori, ACT, National have all paid. There is no argument for Labour and co to delay. Peters First have said they have the money - well pay up then.

Brash should use the late taxpayer penalty argument outlined on this blog and elsewhere as his fulcrum to bend Labour over.

Go for it mate.
Confirmation Labour Stole the Election

DPF has raised a couple of points I have been thinking about.

1. As the Auditor-General has determined, Labour's theft of the Leaders fund and other funds was electioneering and was therefore illegal; this quantum should be added to the amount Labour declared as election expenditure to the Electoral Commission under the Electoral Act. The sum comes to an additional $824,000 over what Labour declared - or a total of $3,175,000 - an overspend of $796,000 or 35%.

Contrast that with National who (including the GST error which should not actually be included) is 0.6% over the limit.

Given where the result ended up would National have done better with an additional $700,000 on billboards and election material?

See how valuable (to Labour) the gutless Police response was to not act on the complaint under the Electoral ACT regarding Labour's overspending?

2. Treating Labour's theft as unpaid taxes and due now would see IRD levy additional fees of:
Debt of $824,524.
Penalty 1% and a further penalty of 4% seven days after it is due.
Total $41,200 is added to the bill since September 2005
Additional 1% penalty each and every month until paid (say June 2007)
The total penalties come to $214,000
What about 'Use of Money' interest the rest of us mortals front with?:
At the current rate of 13.08%, applied to both the principal and any penalties this tracks out at around $9,500-$10,000 per month on the total owing.
30 June 2007 Clark's Corrupt Circus will owe the sum of $1,200,000 give or take an election or so.

DPF has deeper analysis and included the notion that IRD charge an additional scale depending on whether the avoidance is accidental, deliberate, (un)conscionable etc (all of which Clark is guilty of except accidental)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bird Flu Measures Robust in Burma

The rest of the world should be confident that measures throughout Asia to handle poultry in a hygienic fashion will prevent the spread of Avian Influenza.

This picture gives me a lot of confidence the authorities are on to it!
Excoriating Opinion Pieces on the Vituperative One

The Herald's columnist Fran O'Sullivan, today, has the bongoes beating that Clark has lost her hold on power and (to paraphrase) the Ides of March are within sight. Accurately O'Sullivan states that the damaged goods inhabiting a leadership spot is Clark not Brash

The column continues the excellent series Fran has had on the illegalities and dissembling of the Clark Regime and the gutlessness of the NZ Police when it come to the Clark Regime. See here.

She predicts an orderly process to transition Clark out if Labour is to have any hope of winning another term. Strong stuff. The imperious one is stuffed. Readers of this blog will recall my musings earlier on this subject - here, here and here

The Dom Post has a hilarious editorial, offering fund rising options for the party of Ali Clark and her Forty plus thieves.

See here for the mirth maker

Entitled Bob-A-Job with the Brady Bunch, the options include:

Item 1: An autographed copy of the hitherto unpublished but legendary Why Prime Ministers Paint featuring original works by various artists, all signed by Miss Clark.

Item 2: A guaranteed no-fines high-speed trip, complete with police escort, to the footy with the prime minister. Not for the faint-hearted, but guaranteed to get you to the game on time.

Item 3: Cut-price home renovation with a Thai curry meal thrown in. Contact Phillip Field.

Item 4: Making your anger work for you. How mild-mannered Peter Dunne transforms himself into a vengeful man of steel whenever his common sense is questioned by television personalities or auditors-general.

Item 5: Wives, Mistresses and Interesting Things to do with Heineken bottles – a free subscription to Trevor Mallard's gossip service. Seldom accurate, but guaranteed salacious.

Item 6: A day with Winston. Have Parliament's most fastidious dresser be your personal shopper and, if you opt for the deluxe package, Mr Peters will take you for a late-night dinner at the Green Parrot and a trawl of Courtenay Place drinking spots before getting his favourite Somali taxi driver to drop you home. Storming off when the driver demands the fare optional.

Item 7: Sure to be hotly sought-after by the ladies. Dancing lessons with Rodney Hide – crash helmet included.

Item 8: Corned beef and peas by candlelight. Another likely to be popular with the ladies. Tips on the art of romantic dining from Parliament's resident Don Juan, Don Brash.

Item 8: A bag of "Fitzsimons' finest" or, for those who prefer a hint of smoke in their compost, "Nandor's nasties".

Don't forget. It's for a good cause. Be generous. They are – with your money.

As I blogged here, Clark is proven beyond doubt to be a mendacious, dissembling sophistrist.

falsus in uno falsus in omnibus

"false in one thing, false in everything"

Friday, October 13, 2006

How Can Clark Be Trusted With Anything?

By her own admission she knows nothing.

No - I did not fraudulently sign a painting with my signature
No - I did not speak with the SST about Commissioner Doone and destroyed him
No - I did not ask the police to speed to the airport to make my flight
No - I had no idea how fast we were going - it was a Police decision.
No - I did not know the A-G warned me and my department and closest adviser H2, before the election that the pledge card was electioneering and not elgible for PS funding.
No - I did not know.....

All she knows is how to use the taxpayers of New Zealand to keep her in power.
Kevin Brady - New Zealander Of The Year

In the face of unbelievable pressure and malevolent, vindictive and vituperative language from the Prime Minister Auditor-General and Controller Brady ploughed on and did his job. What a guy!

Great to see an officer of the government stand up to the vituperative bitch. His integrity and professionalism should be an example to the legions of senior officials who Clark has subborned .

Air Marshall Fergusson and Police Commissioner Robinson start a sorry list

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh and another thing

Dunne also said:
"Independent of the A-G's enquiry UF had checked expenditure put forward to Parlimentary Services for payment and discovered $5,000 that should not be paid by the PS." Yeah Right Pete...

Anyway at least he has beaten the release of the A-G's report. Now all that is left is for Ali Clark and her 40+ thieves to fess up and pay back the money they ripped off.

Clark is all alone - reminds me of Kim Jong Il - plus each is as ugly as the other.
Peter Dunne falls astride the fence

Dunne tonight was extraordinary - he has apologised for besmirching the Auditor-General saying he (Dunne) wildly and widely overstepped the mark in criticising a key figure in the Governmental process of institutional checks and balances. However Dunne was at pains to say his apology was only as a politican leading a political party BUT and it was a huge BUT, he still, as a private person, stood by his (excoriating) criticism of A-G Brady!!!

Mary Wilson was incredulous on Check Point - as was I.

HTF does that work? Dunne you dick you cannot separate the two - particularly when your apology and the repeat of your criticism are in the same press release.

Any wonder you are below the margin of error - you are an error.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Universal Condemnation of North Korea

Even the Chinese have condemned the NoKor regime for its nuclear test, Monday. See here for a ready roundup of the major spokes-people around the world.

Very little analysis yet on what next.

In the US
I guess it will assist the GOP in the mid terms in the US. Easy now to link Madeline not very Bright and Slick Willy to the appeasers everywhere who have caved in to islamofascism and the NoKor one finger. That will not run well for the Democrats. At the silly level the mid terms have sunk to with the Democrats reciting instant messaging scripts, this incident will ensure masturgate is now on the back page (if you'll pardon the pun).

Japan will now have to move from a self defence force to a more overt posture and capability. Always thought to have nuclear technology capability they'll now be tempted to get their own deterrent.

China needs to step very carefully as NoKor's greatest (and only) friend their condemnation prior and post the test will need to be followed up with full and genuine international cooperation.

Well Johnnie gets to say he was right in further increasing military spending as planned and announced; in the face of craven opposition from Labour.

New Zealand
Well. We're still sucking our thumbs - hoping someone does something. Winnie's doing nothing - last time he went to Asia something bit him on the arse. "Not going back there".

Defence Minister Goff (as in cough, cough) is busy promising sort of posthumous VC's - doesn't that sicken you to see Goff the Princes Street peacenik try the halo of a genuine good guy like Haane Manahi by association. Where were you when we were looking for more Manahi's for Vietnam Phil? Smoking dope and chanting anti-US slogans. What's changed? You and your lot are still chanting anti-US slogans. Need to wake up boy.

The PM, she is busy with the Speaker plotting how to keep the money she stole to get back into power and give Meg the job she was promised seeing as she made such a pig's ear of the Attorney-Generalship

Yep, Helen - we are indeed living in a benign strategic environment.

Clinton and Albright the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Aren't we lucky we live in Helen Clark's benign strategic environment. Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs

However where we are lucky is that her chosen candidate for President (Al I invented the internet) Gore did not make it to the big job. Wouldn't you be feeling so secure with him asking for a cuddle all round for the poor ronery, Kim Jong Il

Helen's other preferred option the UN Security Council failed as well; in urging North Korea to not let off a nuclear bomb. Shot Helen. 2-0 I think.
Muslims rioting in northern Nigeria have devastated a Christian community in Jjgawa state.

At least 18 churches have been destroyed in the city of Dutse.

Another muslim group 'celebrating' ramadan . Hat tip Atlas Shrugs

Again, no connection with Bush.

Just islamofascists behaving badly.

Seems a Christian woman turned down the 'advances of a man; (reasonable I think) apparently not, he was a muslim. Took it as an insult to the Prophet. See here
Muslim Riots are an anti-Bush US thing - right?

So how come the mainstream media has steadfastly ignored widespread rioting in Sweden. Eastern Gothenberg was plunged into darkness Sunday October 8th when muslim youths rampaged for ramadan through out the city.

See the Swedish media reports here.

Hat tip Little Green Footballs.
Clark Defends "Chinese Walls" in Husband's Grant Applications

Helen Clark has stated that despite her husband being on the grant committee for the Marsden Fund, he was not present when his own applications were assessed and approved for a $600,000 project to analyse Census data.

My experience of Chinese Walls is they are made of paper and don't go right to the top.

The very fact the applications are from (co) panellists is why they will be approved. Who wants to sit in judgement of their peers and find the peer unworthy of your grace and favour.

The potential for conflict is here - when a recipient is later a judge for the grantor at some later time. The conflict won't be declared because under Clark's rules there is no conflict if the grantee is from some "unrelated" department.

This is exactly the sort of grace and favour accusation socialists have railed about for a century.

Pot Kettle Black.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Herald Hounds Hypocritical Hound (poodle)

Good to see the MSM has taken up my challenge - well one National daily anyway.

Today's NZ Herald has covered, well, the hypocrisy of Winston Peters who associated blood-lines with Maoriness in a previous prepared speech.
Mr Peters made repeated references to blood quantum to defend his argument it was time for the Maori seats to go.

Spot the Hypocrite
*Winston Peters in 2006
He compared Dr Brash to other unnamed figures in history "who have similarly used blood purity as a political argument only to lead their people into an abyss of violence and destruction".

* Don Brash
Last month, on Judge Baragwanath: "He also continues to talk as if the Maori remain a distinct indigenous people ... it is also clear there are few, if any fully Maori people left in New Zealand."

* Winston Peters in 2000

"We must end a dual electoral system in which the only qualification to vote is based on race - in some cases as diluted as one part in 512."

Monday, October 02, 2006

And who was first to compare or discuss the relevance of indigenous Blood?

Yep - Winnie again. Recalling Sep 13, 2000 has been a good day for the VRWC.

Try these for size Winston - straight from YOUR NZ First speech website.

"The fact of the matter is that there WAS a Holocaust in New Zealand in European times and it was visited on the Chatham Islands Moriori by Taranaki Maori.

The peaceful people of this remote part of New Zealand were invaded, enslaved and annihilated. An entire society was wiped out.

The last fullblooded Chatham Islander, Tommy Solomon, died in 1936."

Or more on dilution Winston - remember the speech?

"We must end a dual electoral system in which the only qualification to vote is based on RACE - in some cases as diluted as one part in five hundred and twelve."

Or perhaps you prefer this cut from the speech:

"It has been estimated that over the next forty years or so, up to thirty per cent of the population will have some Maori blood - in many cases only a few drops."

The pain continues Winston...

"Ask yourself, if a claimant is one eighth Maori, does he or she get one eighth of the amount they would have received from the claim if they had been of full Maori blood."

"Or does the seven eighths European part of that person pay?"

Winston is a hypocritical, duplicitous, mendacious bounder.

I challenge the MSM to pick this story of abject hypocrisy up.

So, Who Said This?

"Hence forth economic and social policy must be based on need not race."

Yep - you guessed it - Rt Hon Winston Peters - Sep 13 2000.
Peters Poodle Proven

Astute observers of the body politic (hat tips to NewstalkZB and David Farrar) went on a Winnie Hunt today. It did not take long for the master poodle to be revealed in all his hypocritical glory.

In an extraordinary and gleeful find, Peters is revealed in a major speech promulgating the very same policies of One Law for All he so vehemently attacked Dr Brash about last night.

(You will note dear reader Peters uses considerably more vehemence than Don Brash - who has actually been taken out of context)

The key date: 13 Sep 2000
Rt Hon Winston Peters

Winston in a major speech attacked National and Labour on its Treaty of Waitangi approaches the separatist way they were dealing with Maori.

Among the gems:
"Since returning to Government Labour has promoted:

1. Separate Maori representation on the new Health Boards being set up.

2. Legislation before Parliament to set up separate Maori seats on the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

3. A separate Treaty of Waitangi reference under the new Employment Relations Bill.

The list goes on."

"One billion dollars of taxpayers' money is being set aside over the next four years for this programme which is based on race - and not the universal needs of all citizens as it should be.

While the rest of the world fights to get rid of racist policies we are taking a giant leap backwards by sneaking them into our laws to the extent they creep into international trade agreements."

"We have ministers like Tariana Turia likening the circumstances of the Taranaki conflict to a Holocaust - and we have former National cabinet ministers trying to make political capital out of her speech."

This is the same Winston who last night tried to connect Dr Brash with Hitler.

"That is why we called the party New Zealand First - because it was for all New Zealanders."

Ho, ho, ho....

The agony for Winston goes on - read it all here or here (if it stays up on the NZ First website)

This just goes to show that Peters is a completely opportunist politician who stands only for himself. Peters, who I am sure has a backbone of candy floss has shown his policy framework is entirely malleable. What a jelly fish.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Stalinists in Blind Panic

The rout is well underway. Clark and her cronies are in a blind panic and acting ever more in the Stalinist fashion.

State funding only for political parties - legislation has been prepared by the Justice Department and is going to Cabinet.
Criminalisation of political commentary from any person but a political party - The facts are Labour is introducing legislation to do just this
(next step will be to outlaw any party except the Labour Party)
Attack any officials who step away from the Labour Party line - Auditor-General Brady is as good an example as any.
Conduct star trials of political opponents - firstly through the controlled media - Brash being attacked in the House by Mallard and BePope. Clark's craven criticism of Brady.

etc etc

The outcome will be the same - Clark finished.