Tuesday, October 25, 2005

George Galloway MP Another Leftie Caught with Iraqi Oil

News today in the Daily Telegraph that George Galloway's wife was paid approx NZ$256,000 from the oil-for-food programme by Iraqi agents. To make matters worse Galloway's spokesman received NZ$45,000 the same day as Mrs Galloway from the same bank in Amman to his bank account in Scotland.

Blog readers will recall I raised the subject of the UN and Senate investigations into misuse of the UN's oil-for food programme here. Galloway is another major scalp for the Senate investigations. They must be cock-o-hoop. This is the same Galloway who challenged the Senate to come up with evidence of wrongdoing by either his wife or himself.

Galloway has had a successful libel action against the Daily Telegraph in relation to allegations Galloway received funds from Saddam. That case is now subject to appeal. He may now rue the day he laid his original action.

On the subject of perjury, tellingly Senator Coleman the Chairman of the (bipartisan) Investigating Committee said, "We will forward matters relating to Mr Galloway's false and misleading testimony to the authorities here and in Great Britain."

p.s Mrs Galloway filed for divorce earlier this year. Grist for the Senate mill?

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