Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Was France's Vehement Opposition at the UN to War with Iraq a Cover Up for Food for Oil Corruption?

In what must be a gross embarrassment to the highest levels of french polity senior magistrates are investigating France's former Ambassador to the UN for receiving 11 million barrels of oil from the Saddam regime.

This could go right to the heart of the French Government. De Villepin the French Prime Minister was the chief protaganist against the US at the Security Council Iraqi war hearings in his then role as Foreign Minister. He must have known? Watch this space...

A (US) Senate inquiry found that Benon Sevan, the UN head of the programme, should face criminal charges.

I fancy this scandal now has legs and the smirking holier than thou frogs are in for a caning (delivered by those nice people from the new world!).

I think Kofi is on the way out - and they want to run the internet....

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