Saturday, October 22, 2005

A Valedictory for Rob Robinson

The Police Commissioner is reported as being ticketed for exceeding the speed limit - 97km/h in a 70 km/h zone. Ha friggin ha. Caught by his own trap.

Commissioner Robinson said he didn't see the sign and stayed with cruise control at 100 km/h. Sounds like he targetted 100km/h.

He was even part of a campaign - Speed Limit not a Target - Drive to the Conditions.

Presumably he was driving to the conditions and not operating unsafely for either himself or other drivers/cars. He would be a good judge of that. A little more sympathy through his reign for the rest of us nabbed similarly and he may have found more support for his battered force.

p.s. I'll bet he was faster than 97 km/h. Cruise controls are very accurate - in fact I set mine to 109 and to stay within Robinson's 10km (over)limit. The difference between being nabbed at 100(97) vs 101 km/h for Robbie is 5 less demerit points 35/40 points. I cannot find a link with the difference in fine - My guess it is $230 vs $400 +

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