Thursday, November 22, 2007

Probably explains why the comments the Left leave on this Blog are facile if not puerile. Don't the bullies at School always lash out 'coz they can't read?
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Is the Peter Davis, Sociology Department, Auckland University signed to this letter aka Mr Helen Clark?

Is has got to be the same woman. Extra-ordinary links being drawn by Mrs. Davis - linking tobacco advertising bans to limiting rights to 'purchase' free speech. Saying the EFB does not diminish free speech. Well hello - you are in a minority of two - you and your husband if you believe that. Try asking Ros Noonan, Chief Human Rights Commissioner - who described the Bill: a "dramatic assault" on freedom of expression and the right to participate in an election and concluded emphatically that it breached the Bill of Rights Act 1990...
Or perhaps you prefer John Roughan
Back to Sociology Dr Davis.

Friday, November 16, 2007

When Thinking About the Protestations of Innocence from the Urewera 17 remember one thing.

falsus in uno falsus in omnibus

false in one thing, false in everything

New Zeal: Not So Happy Valley Campers-Green Party Links to the "Urewera 17"

New Zeal: Not So Happy Valley Campers-Green Party Links to the "Urewera 17"
No Surprise the Greens are Linked to Terror Plots in Urewera's

Readers of this blog will recall the specific and direct linkages between the New Zealand Green Party and the Baader-Meinhof Gang and their offshoot the Red Army Faction. These groups became infamous in the late sixties and into the 1970's in (West) Germany slaying industrialists and bankers and blowing up department stores. Attacking the institutions of the time without regard for the rest of society was their raison d'être.

I've blogged before to point out the constitutional links between the New Zealand and German Greens and how they have never eschewed their violent past or more importantly their ready resort to violence to achieve their political aims.

I note with high interest New Zeal's Trevor Loudon has a detailed discussion linking the Greens' to current and ongoing anarchic and illegal activity in New Zealand, with specific links back to the Urewera 17. It is a good and informative read.

The Greens being a party of pacifists is oxymoronic. These people seem to have always believed their cause justified violent means.

It has taken the Urewera 17 and its aftermath to expose it.

The lack of will to pose Terrorism charges is now looking distinctly political.

All of a sudden Labour realised their coalition buddies were in the gun - if you'll pardon the cliche.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Is It Just Me or is This a Clark Jack-Up?

I must say I have the deepest suspicions the Maori and Environmental terrorists are unwittingly part of a machiavellian plan by Clark to take the Nation's eyes off the balls that will doom her Presidency:

  • The All Black's being ditched in the play-offs
  • The bone pointed at her Government in the local body elections.
  • The shambles with the longevity of the Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • The Eden Park upgrade
Lest we forget, Duck Mallard launched his waterfront stadium "idea" at the moment before Clark was about to go under with the Pledge Card shambles. The result was Clark and the lying and deceit with the pledge card never again made the press.

Call me an old fashioned conspiracist but this time the facts are not compelling we have a full blown terrorism incident on our doorstep...

  1. Tame Iti definitely fits the term "usual suspects were rounded up". I imagine when we get the names of the rest we won't be surprised.
  2. We know he has a shotgun he was been previously acquitted for firing it.
  3. The firearms offences others were charged with relate up until June 2007. Hard to argue clear and present danger...
  4. Clark is off shore (being embarrassed by Don MacKinnon and Bananarama)
  5. etc
  6. etc
However readers of this blog will recall that the Green Party in New Zealand (and Australia) does trace its origins directly to the Baader-Meinhof Gang.

The gang website has the time line and the story
...a decade later many of these former radical students were the main force behind the Greens party...the radicals had no time for any nebulous march -- they wanted Revolution now, and sought to kickstart the cause through terrorism...

This group travelled as the Red Army Faction
So, what is going on?

I think Clark has conned another cop to do her dirty work.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

New Zealand Alone on Nuke Policy

In a neat and comprehensive sidestep New Zealand has been taken out of the frame on leading Climate Change Policy at APEC. New Zealand's extra-ordinary head in the sand attitude to nuclear power and its potential to reduce global green house gas emissions is rooted right home to Clark.

Her intransigence has meant the two so called Climate Change Deniers _ Howard and Bush are now in the van on leading Climate Change policy.

Rooster one day Helen, feather duster the next. Too clever with domestic politics and you now look emasculated. (I think it was possible).

See here, and here, here and here to see how far out of favour her position is.
Clark is a Business Value Destroyer

Seems any majority Government owned organisation Clark interferes with ends up commercially worse off.

Air New Zealand - went bust after Clark wouldn't allow Singapore Airlines to take a significant shareholding. Air NZ has lost millions in revenue as a result of Clark's spat with the Aussies.

TVNZ - News today Clark interferes with salary negotiations is costing the company in key staff turnover.

She should KTF out of commercial matters.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Three Tenors

Having seen each of the Three tenors live this is my tribute to each on the eve of Pavarotti's passing.

Nessun Dorma - Puccini Turandot
Pavarotti è morto

The celebrated Italian Tenor Luciano Pavarotti has died at his home in Modena.

The world is better place for the talent he was. The world will miss a true entertainer and someone who brought Opera to the masses.

Here is the Master - live in Paris 1998 singing his signature aria - Nessun Dorma from Puccini's Turandot

Fortunately I got to see him live. RIP

NZ Rejects Again Nuclear Energy

News out of Sydney is that Australia and the US are pushing nuclear energy as the way of the future and an absolute guarantee of energy production without carboniferous emissions. This is an eminently sensible policy and strategy and has the support of none other than James Lovelock the UK's celebrated greenie and originator of the Gaia hypothesis. His account is here.

New Zealand's political leadership has rejected again the nuclear option. We're not budging says Winston Peters.

What inhabits these people's minds? Perhaps we should quote from Lovelock himself:

"Opposition to nuclear energy is based on irrational fear fed by Hollywood-style fiction, the Green lobbies and the media"

These fears are unjustified, and nuclear energy from its start in 1952 has proved to be the safest of all energy sources. We must stop fretting over the minute statistical risks of cancer from chemicals or radiation. Nearly one third of us will die of cancer anyway, mainly because we breathe air laden with that all pervasive carcinogen, oxygen."

Readers will recall I have blogged on the nuclear option before. Recall again my advocacy for exploring advanced technology including the Pebble Bed Reactor being developed in South Africa and in China under license to German developed technology.

Minister for Disarmament Phil Goff says Nuclear power causes environmental concerns. Is the fact it was NZ's Disarmament Minister commenting proof the unreformed peaceniks at the top of the Labour tree still confuse nuclear power with nuclear weapons, 40 years after they first marched up Queen Street?

These people really need to get out more.

All first world economies are embracing nuclear power as a solution to power demand and the desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. New Zealand is alone in rejecting the option. Talk of embracing sustainable options is fallacious. We won't allow any more dams, wind power is hard to get going with nimby concerns and anyway it is ineffective when needed (demand curve seldom meets the windy day curve).

We are facing future energy shortages and Labour cannot get over their ideology.

Remember China kills about 4,000 coal miners a year - the nuclear power industry has killed no -one since Chernobyl. No options are risk free.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

This is almost true.

Today's column from John Armstrong where he reports on the black humour surrounding Muldoon's death is very close to the truth. As Armstrong wrote:

Asked if he was going to Sir Robert Muldoon's funeral, a National Party Cabinet minister, who must remain nameless, confided at the time that he would be there if only to satisfy himself that the lid of the coffin had been nailed down properly. It was a statement made only partly in jest.

A colleague who did attend the funeral of Sir Robert and then the interment (at Purewa I think) has often described his horror to attend the interment and as the casket was being lowered, the lid caught on the sides of the hole, popping the screws. With visions of the ghoul arising from the casket and echoes of that well known cackle accompanying it, he and his wife about turned and ran swiftly from the scene. Not taking any chances!
Which is Helen Clark? Winner may be in the draw to Receive a Super GoldCard.

Hat Tips: Kiwiblog and Whaleoil
"I thought he was dead" - Mike Moore on Jim Anderton. Priceless

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Labour Party Party Meddling in Auckland Local Body Elections

News tonight that Auckland City Mayoral Candidate, Dr John Hinchcliffe has been leaned upon by very senior Labour Party members in Wellington to step aside from his candidacy to enable encumbent Hubbard a clear run at securing all the votes on the left, has enraged other candidates of the left persuasion.

This is Clark at her most manipulative. Only she did not figure Hinchcliffe going public. The email to Hinchcliffe, revealed on TV's One News could only be described as threatening.

This will do Labour no good.

Those of us on the Right can only grin.

The MSM has no links up as yet.

Update: TVNZ carry the story here. Story also picked up by Kiwiblog and Whaleoil