Monday, October 24, 2005

BBC News can't mention Race Riots

Using the BBC for information on the riots in Birmingham you would be hard pressed to establish the reasons behind the riots were racially based. Here the BBC notes that the problems are 'community tension' based on a 'rumour'.

People have been stabbed, armed gangs are roaming the streets, and a policeman has been shot in the leg. The reason - stories a 14 year old Afro-Caribbean girl had been raped by a group of Asians (Pakistanis) circulated.

Why didn't the BBC just give the facts? Why are they using euphemisms?

What has happened is that parts of Birmingham are now under siege from gangs of afro-caribbean and Pakistani youths - a la Central Los Angeles. The Police have lost not only the initiative but also control. There are no go areas for Police. Until sections of the news media get real and honest this will get worse.

I note disturbing parallels here in New Zealand - may blog later.

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