Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Clark has Uneven Hand in Caretaker Role

Following on from the shameful delay in investigating the actions of Taito Philip Field, Labour's man in Mangere - who was fingered with conduct unbecoming a Minister during the election campaign, Helen Clark is appointing an independent person to report to her. That is hardly independence.

Her current role is a caretaker role. The independent person should report either to parliament or since that is not sitting to the Leaders of the two major parties.

The election is not a week since and already Clark is suppressing potentially corrupt ministerial behaviour. It was bad enough she didn't act last week when the allegations broke out. Her actions since leaves no confidence that Labour and Clark have any intention of changing their mendacious ways.

The difference now - The opposition is now super sized and super resourced. She will learn that lesson hard.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Way Cleared for Keith Locke's Naked Dash

The Newmarket Business Association has taken up the challenge of ensuring the Newmarket main street, Broadway, is a perfect runway for Locke and the NBA will not be an impediment to Locke's fulfilling his solemn promise that he would run naked through the streets of Epsom if Hide won the electorate.

Run Locke Run - and this ain't the Undie 500 - you need to be nekkid and available to the scrutineers - bring your own seconds to cart your gear to the end - try Mayor 'Dick' Hubbard (he might get some more ideas for an organic muesli).

Now we'll find out why you were refused selection for the SAS and have been dark on them ever since.
Thoughts Post Election

While I sensed a landslide for National it did not happen; or did it. The swing to the Right was massive with many sitting Labour MP's biffed out of electorate seats and popular local Labour MPs returned but the party vote in the electorate going to National (eg West Coast) .

What carried the day for Labour was the Labour vote in the major metropolitans - latte Socialists. A quick look at the map shows, for example, urban Auckland electorates that are west of the Southern Motorway are red. Like Labour's MPs your average dweller in these electorates is likely to fit the old socialist term of labour as opposed to capital. While there may be many contractors they by and large won't have to worry about writing payroll cheques.

The South Island is interesting - outside of the major metropolitans, it is now very blue (West Coast excepted). These are resourceful people, long standing New Zealanders, who trust the Labour Government to do nothing except introduce more petty laws, liberalise longstanding social mores and generally scab off the backs of others.

Country wide Labour's urban oases are surrounded in a sea of Blue.

Clark looked composed but a little fretful last night I thought. Certainly not the commanding triumphalist entry I expected. While she was in tune with the country's mood, the braying by the pack on and off camera was a stark contrast. Judith nowhere to be seen.

Clark knows better than anyone the difficulties ahead. I disagree with her comment they have held/increased their vote within 1% of 1999 (which, BTW was last century). What Labour did was pillage Left votes from the Greens and JAP (bet he didn't do the acronym when he thought his new name up?) as Labour itself haemorhaged C-L votes to NZ F and UNF. Otherwise where did the Green and JAP vote go National, ACT? - they are both down on 2002, MP wise.

Cool thought of the day - Nandor out literally. Toking, lying back wondering where it all went wrong and why they are not getting their message across? Physician heal thyself.

Thing to look forward to - hearing Locke ran naked down Broadway in recompense of his bet with Rodney.

Pee'd off thought - the electorate dealt to many top Labour MPs bigtime, but they all crawled back on the list. Sutton, Barker, Beyer...

Rodney home - fantastic. Now he has an electorate it will be a brilliant base to build a proper party from. A quick squiz at the booth data shows tactical we Epsom voters were - he had huge support in the Electorate - the "Worth" booth counts in Remuera are a complete rout for Rodney.

Party vote in the electorate is interesting:
ACT 3.5%
Green 5.1%
Labour 26.4%
National 59.6%
NZF 2.4%
UNF 1.8%

So Rodney is ahead of his nationwide electorate vote and most of the voters were taking heed of the exhortations to ensure National got the party vote - even if voting for Rodney.

Friday, September 16, 2005

For Six Long Years I've Been Bossed Round by Helen

This song at David Farrar's is one of the best skits of the election. The great thing about it is I can actually see the day it is all coming true. It is tomorrow.

Sing along and enjoy.
Elections Calculator Down All Day

I have been trying to get the calculator to work all afternoon - to no avail. Presume it is either totally down or overloaded. Can't check my latest assumptions...

Oh well all will be revealed tomorrow. My plans are - Go Helen Go and Don't Come Back

Thursday, September 15, 2005

National's absent Voters are Returning

In an interesting article the NZ Herald's Garth George reveals he is returning to his roots and voting for National's Bob Clarkson in the electorate and National for the party vote. My guess is he has voted for Winnie the past couple of times - certainly not National. I suspect what George is doing is what many of his ilk are doing. On top of that the National and Act hardcore will get out and vote.

I feel as strong as ever - a National landslide is building

Monday, September 12, 2005

Why the post-Katrina Shambles is Bush's Fault

New Orleans has a Democrat Mayor, a Democrat City Council, and a Democrat Chief of Police.
Louisiana has a Democrat Governor, a Democrat Lt. Governor and a Democrat Attorney General
24 of 39
Louisiana State Senators are Democrat
67 of 105 Louisiana State House Representatives are Democrat
there is a Democrat Representative in the House from
New Orleans
and one of the two Senators in the US Senate is a Democrat.

National Shows Smart Politics Reducing Taxation on Petrol

In a clever move that can only make Labour look mean and churlish National has said, in Government, it will reduce the excise tax on petrol from October 1. This is smart politics - National knows it has room to manoevre with the windfall from increased GST on rising fuel prices and as with its income tax cut programme is offering immediate relief.

Cullen can hardly say the windfall should not be returned to the hard pressed motorist.
Green's Linked to Baader Meinhof Gang

In an extra-ordinary column - the flaming pot from the Greens' trebuchet goes straight up as the Herald lands a direct hit on the firer (Greens). Publishing "evidence" the Ex. Brethren brochure is copied from an Australian sourced document; a cursory scan simply confirms the electorate in Australia is worried about exactly the same Green policy settings as New Zealand. That is the story. The Herald published it but missed it.

Inviting further investigation, and tipped by Adolf Fiinkensein, I went looking for the Greens' heritage. Greens in New Zealand and Australia are inextricably linked to the German Green Party - whose roots are the BaaderMeinhof gang of 1970's infamy. The gang website has the time line and the story
...a decade later many of these former radical students were the main force behind the Greens party...the radicals had no time for any nebulous march -- they wanted Revolution now, and sought to kickstart the cause through terrorism...

This group travelled as the Red Army Faction

The remnants of the descendants to the Red Army Faction only disbanded in 1998.

Will those middle class voters vote Green when the linkages are revealed?
Update: Greens' Donald confirms again the secret global linkages behind Green parties.

Challenge to Rod Donald to prove that the Greens' "Peak Oil" campaign was not dreamed up off shore?
Who The hell is Jonathan Pontell?

And does anyone care?

I sat bemusedly listening to Jonathan Pontell rave on Ninetonoon. Then I got rapidly bored. Apparently someone has tried to link him to the National Party - who have said of him - He is not working for the National Party and anyway we think he is probably a hoaxer.

Pontell raved in faux legalese and faux PR speak about how important his name is (if that were so, I doubt he would successfully pitch for National's business given his prior contacts with The Guardian and The Independent on Sunday).

His rants seemed to be that he could not say who he was consulting for but in any event his professionalism meant that he would stick by any non disclosure agreement he signed. I suspect he is working for no-one but himself.

He was either a very cunning Labour stooge or angrily deluded. I suspect the latter.

My take on this - Pontell seems to have a following in other countries with the 'Generation Jones' demographic he claims to have identified. Pontell and National somehow got talking. He has a brand and an idea afterall. I suspect Pontell made the running, but it came to nothing.

Despite it coming to nothing - National to protect itself from exactly what Pontell is doing now, required Pontell to sign a non disclosure agreement - ensuring there is a firebreak between Pontell and National.

Pontell seems especially pained that he was labelled a hoaxter (sic) and that an article in The Press over the weekend (I cannot find said article online) casts aspersions on his legitimacy to founding Generation Jones by quoting Pontell's claims in "quotes".

Stranger and stranger.

Hell hath no fury like a broadcaster spurned?
Labour's Roll of (Dis)Honour

Over at Sir Humphrey's they have a comprehensive summary of the lies, misfeasances, half-truths, untruths and scandals that are Labour of Heren Crark's watch.

Remember Ruth Dyson , ACC Minister convicted of drunk driving, Crark herself signing a painting she did not paint - Police Summary of facts stated there was a prima facie case of fraud.

Sir Humphrey's also has a good summary of the Doone assassination - Newly released papers prove Crark smeared Doone and she lied to the SST about the 'facts'. While many think this is a fish and chip paper issue - what is news is that here is the proof Crark lied. She set out to get Doone and install her own stooge - Robinson(hasn't he been a find).

Saturday, September 10, 2005

National Launches Policing Policy in South Canterbury

In a delicious piece of irony National Party Leader Don Brash launched National's Policing policy in Timaru - the town where Helen Clark's bodyguards were recently convicted of criminal charges that arose in the course of serving her.

Highlights of the Policy include sensible stuff like:

*Boost the police front line to Australian police-to-population levels

*Restore confidence in the 111 system with experienced, retired staff to join the communications centres in the meantime and ensure traffic patrols are diverted to respond to 111.

*Abolish parole for all repeat and violent criminals

*Scrap quota ticketing and the emphasis on revenue gathering.


Hat-Tip: Aaron B
Clark on Back Foot - Government has Secret Deal to Sell Skyhawks and She Didn't Know!

In a delightful piece of TV, at 6 One News had Clark gawping like a goldfish as she was forced to utter that she was unbriefed on the pending sale of the Skyhawks to American interests. The best bit? Clark then turning on the Reporter, Guyon Espiner - with her back to the camera - Pot, Kettle Black, Ostrich.

Ha friggin ha. Popular and competent one bleeds like the rest of us.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Dead Wood Finishes by Reading out Emails to TVNZ - 100% in favour of Brash - all kicking Wood and TVNZ News Bias

Is this an attempt to crawl back? Is this her attempt at an apology or was there really only emails in support of Brash. I hope so; her performance last night was a shocker.
Another Unbalanced Interview with (dead)Wood on Closeup

Dead Wood chatted with Deborah Pead (Pead PR) and David Slack (former Labour speech writer? - Palmer I think) and someone from McCann Erikson to discuss Don Brash.

First up I will stop using Pead PR - all she could spout was Don needed media training asap. Deborah is a fool getting her profile onto this programme - all her clients would be National voters - sorry Deborah - National needs help not handbrakes. Get your kicks elsewhere please.

The shocker of the night - Wood showed the EPMU leaflet about Brash as an example of one National said had lies in it. She absolutely missed the key fact - EPMU leaflets do not form part of Labour's Election expenses.
Brownlee Staunch on Nine to Noon

National's Gerry Brownlee got under Linda Clark's skin this morning on Nine to Noon where she tried carry the attack on the Brethren leaflets. She tried to ask that Brash's handling of the issue somehow raises questions about his ability to be PM...

Brownlee managed to divert the point of attack onto Helen Clark - "If the subject is lying, [was his nicely taken entre], we should talk about her performance since the campaign began, 5 police convicted of criminal charges, air nz pilots suspended, etc etc "(and he also got a serve or two onto Radio Labour Party for good measure, which got a great rise!)

One can't help thinking this is a media beat-up and Jack and Jill voter are unimpressed by Labour's antics.

As I got out my car Mike Williams was trying to ressurrect the Brethren story but Linda Clark was over it - he got a serve as well.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Susan Wood was Appalling Tonight

In a disgraceful display Wood hectored and smirked her way into the gutter on Closeup, interviewing Brash this evening. Trying to extract an apology "to the Nation" Wood made a dick of herself (possible?) flogging the wrong issue. Classic Left wing bias. First try to put words in your opponent's mouth. Then thump them because you think that is what they said...

Brash was very civil and smiled through out, He came across as truthful.

When challenged by Woods "you only came on the programme tonight to clear your name" - Brash said "yes I did, because Helen Clark said I lied and I did not lie" Nice riposte.

How Clark gets away with continual lying and dissembling I do not know. Doone, Paintings, Speeding - all lies or half truths. Her 'photo album must be a sight to behold.
Labour Ministers Sought Advice of Business Round Table

In a classic Pot Kettle Black, news tonight that John Tamihere met with the Business Roundtable and spoke in support of privatisation and against Labour policy. More details at (TVNZ).

Ha frigging ha. Sneak out of this one Left Wing Death Bitch.
I am picking she will say it is good to see Labour Ministers are open and inclusive and consult widely.
(Roger) "Kerr said he asked Tamihere why Labour opposed letting private companies manage prisons when they could do a better job than the state. "Tamihere agreed, he was clearly against the decision..." Kerr said.
Be nice to see the MSM run with this.
Pete (Tugger) Hodgson AWOL when needed

In an unfortunate incident Teletubby Booboo Hobbs was hit with a custard pie after the Aro Street political meeting. I guess the thrower went for the biggest target.

Unfortunately for Booboo, Tugger Hodgson was on DPS duties in Dunedin protecting the PM - in the outside screen (20m from the PM).

Fortunately for Booboo the Right's own DPF was able to mount a spirited chase of the culprit.
Sean Plunket was not Suspended for His Interview with Fitzsimons

Over at Sir Humphrey's they have called RNZ where a spokesman has said Plunket's suspension is not in any way because of the interview with the Green witch - apparently it relates to an off air incident after it...

This just gets stranger and stranger.

How incompetent of RNZ management to let this story run as it has. Employment lawyers will be salivating.

The palpable silence - punctuated by air hissing from the green valve this morning as Frog visited the right wing blogs to post comments the suspension was not a result of a green complaint (why they didn't post on this heaven knows) - just gets heavier.

What is going on at Frog Station Moscow 101.4?
How Can the Brethren be a Secret Sect When they Front the Cameras for National TV?

This is getting too sad for words. Clark says of the Brethren:

"They put a name on a leaflet and made it look like an ordinary citizen."

Yup, well they are - ordinary citizens. So they attend the same church - Has Clark become so Stalinist that attending the same church is an unlawful assembly? Is a group with similar views (not unusual in a church) not allowed to hold and publish the view Labour have got to go?

I am more interested in hearing Labour refute the comments in the pamphlets - seems the real problem is Labour don't like the message in the pamphlet and are using the Electoral Act to restrain it. ie Dry it up on the funding side - that is a gross abuse of freedom of speech.

Still Labour have form on that front - tax payer paid political advertising only allowed; Pete (Tugger) Hodgson and the mob stiffing protestors at Otago campus meetings; etc.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

TV One Continue the Smear on the Exclusive Brethren and National

Not content with the explanantions from the men behind the pamphlets that it was their own initiative and not a church initiative, TV journo Robyn Janes continued to describe the project as from a "secretive church" and that "the smear was set to continue".

How can it be secretive when the men concerned cheerfully appear on national TV and publish their names and addresses on the pamphlets.

That appallingly subjective journalism was capped by old file footage of Key allegedly meeting two Brethren one day when out campaigning. Whoooo! Big effing deal. Then the piece was tied to the evil one spouting about an "extreme right wing organisation" being behind the pamphlets. What the press conference showed was a group of normal looking gents saying they were concerned with what Labour was doing to the country and felt concerned enough about it to tell it like it is. Seems that is now a crime.
Sean Plunket Suspended?

OneNews reports tonight that Plunket has been suspended because of a "fiery interview" with Jeanette Fitzsimons this morning.

Well, well, well. I heard that interview and I thought that for once Plunket was not letting a Leftie avoid answering questions or get away with disengenuous or mendacious answers.

Seems his objectivity is shortlived - Radio Left Wing has cut him down.

Democracy and Freedom of Speech are under real attack. With Ministers assaulting placard holders who may stray into the range of TV cameras on the Beloved Leader and Plunket straying off message the world is changing.

Update: Listen to the mpeg of the interview and form your own judgement on objectivity. For the record Fitzsimons was being very evasive and disengenuous in her expostulations which Plunket (reasonably in my view) asked her to back up - she didn't. That is why Plunket pursued her. Brownlee by contrast did not make outrageous and or unsubstantiated statements. He was able to get his point across - truthfully. His point - Labour is hypocritical in complaining about the Brethren support for National given the vast resources the Unions deploy to get Labour re-elected - expenditure that is not (and not required to be) accounted for under the electoral act. Hat Tip: Berend
Labour Has No Ambition and No Aspirational Goals

Likening his version of politics to a Honda Accord and National's to a Ferrari show how far off the pace Cullen and Clark are.

What New Zealand needs are Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Wanting a Ferrari would be a great start.
Cullen has completely lost the plot.

Not too worry - it won't be long Michael before the pain is over.
What's in the Dunedin Water?

Following on from David Benson-Pope's unresolved assaults on students we now have another Dunedin Cabinet Minister involved in an alleged nasty assault.

The comments at DPF are illuminating - seems Clarks minders were acting in a very heavy fashion. Eliminating any freedom of expression. Stalinist - that's what it is.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Labour Wrong Again

How many more stuff ups will we see from Labour?

One News tonight that the pamphlets that got Labour all hot and bothered are the work of the non-political (till now anyway) Exclusive Brethern must have Labour sweating blood.

What a laugh. After Clark, Cullen and Williams assured us this morning this was an evil National front organisation (and don't tell me Clark's semantics were accidental - the Left is all about word association) One News finds it is not National at all but a group ostensibly apolitical.

Well, well, well, where do they go now? Interesting isn't it when a very closed Christian organisation will spend their own money to ensure Labour does not get up. Explain that away Labour Leadership. Destiny NZ must be spinning that this money passed them by.

This just goes to show how pissed off the electorate, of all colours, is with Clark and Co. The only colours heading their way are their rainbow lunatic fringe social destructors - Carter, Kaiser, Tizard, Simpson, Beyer blah blah lot, the Greens and the Red Flag singers - Wood-Bargolias et al see Insolent Prick for a full list of the Labour unionists and others sucking on the public tit.

My predictions of a landslide - they just got better.

I was going to wonder what the Master Strategist Pete Hodgson was going to do now - but he is probably on the way to the cells he he. More on that later.
Focus on MMP May be Misguided

The election is looking very interesting and I think the Brash discussion about it being a Two Horse race is proving either prophetic or prescient.

Think about this:
Not unreasonable assumption:
NZ First and Greens only get 4.99% each and no electorate seats
Act is the only minor party to get an electorate seat.

The results will be:
Election result Seats in the House
ACT 1 Seat Party 1% 1
Labour 38% 51
Maori 3 3% 4
National 46% 62
Progressive 1 0.5% 1
United Future 1 1.5% 1
Total 121

National 62 seats - Govern alone!

If Act fail to get an electorate seat - redistributing their vote causes Labour to gain a seat and the Maori Party overhang is eliminated.
National still with 62 seats

Tell me the electorate are not conspiring to make this happen!!!

Apologies for layout - cannot get tabs with Blogger

Pot Kettle Black

Labour's latest attempt to charge National's account with additional election expenditure is interesting on two counts.

1. Labour has been unable to refute the claims made in the pamphlets - and not liking the contents seek to kill the messenger. The vigour of Labour's attack - rousing grumpy dog Williams from his spot in front of the fire - is intriguing - sore point is it Mike? Labour's results in Health are risible.

2. Labour's sheer and breathtaking hypocrisy. Labour has a vast army of lackeys in the trade union movement actively working the Labour treadmill - letter drops, pamphlets on how to fill out a ballot paper (the Labour way of course) - none of that expendiutre is against Labour election returns. See my earlier blog on this

National yesterday distributed a wad of union literature which urges members to vote Labour and instructs voters how to fill in ballot papers to support a Labour-led centre-left government.

It included newsletters from the Council of Trade Unions, the Public Service Association, the Amalgamated Workers Union, the Educational Institute and the Service and Food Workers Union - which was authorised by its national secretary Darien Fenton, who is a Labour candidate.
NZ Herald 6/9/05
As I opened - Pot Kettle Black

Monday, September 05, 2005

Pledge card funding questioned

In the wake of Labour trying to trip National, with memos allegedly written 12 months ago - Brash has turned the gun onto his accusers.

Brash questioned why taxpayers have funded Labour's wallet-sized pledge card. The budget for these cards comes from Clark's leaders fund, as confirmed by the Prime Minister's office - who confirmed Labour's pledge card was paid for by the party's "taxpayer funded" leaders' fund.

Cullen says the use is within the rules, despite electoral law prohibiting money being used for electioneering. I'll bet it is not. Cullen/Clark don't have misery guts Wilson to run interference this time around.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Momentum is With National

Tonight's One News poll has National at 46% and Labour at 38%

TV's Sainsbury could only suggest it was "Race" because of the gaffs, BRT emails etc. on the trail this week. Boy oh boy the MSM is struggling.

What about suggesting the reasons momentum is building for National - "Whatever it is we don't want another minute of her".

The electorate is in "Go Helen Go - and don't come back" mode.

Sainsbury did note in his postscript that the electorate don't have to see Don Brash as a seasoned politician. They like what they see and they see things differently from the media...

Too Right we do.

More convinced now a landslide is coming on.

Update: David Farrar has the detailed poll
Interestingly - the poll is partly before National's treaty policy announcement - stick that in your pipe Sainsbury - and prior to Clark stiffing an Air NZ pilot for voicing an (seems correct now) opinion
Labour Losing the Battles of the Malls

Last week we had Michael Wood-Bargolias moaning that he made no impact at Pakuranga Mall because Williamson and a whole lot of Nats were meeting there.

Today I read a great blog at Aaron's about National in West Auckland out pointing Clark and her red tide at another Westfield Mall. As usual Clark uses her praetorian guard (DPS) to attempt to have the interlopers removed from the Mall. So much for freedom of speech. In a cunning execution the Nat supporters agreed to stop giving out leaflets (Labour carried on) but formed in the van (ahead) of the Clark mob asking for a National Party vote and letting the mall goers know that Cunliffe and Clark were trying to get them silenced and removed.

Clark now knows the electorate in general has grown sick of her imperiousness - I feel a landslide coming on.

Clark after a poor week on the stump has got her mates at the SST to headline a (non) smear on Brash. One week after the debate Clark grizzles to the SST that people in the audience were shouting "no kids lesbo and liar" at Helen Clark.

I dunno about you dear reader but I understand at least two of the statements are true...

In an entirely artless piece of guileful and shameless (ful) sub-editing the SST puts the accusations on Brash's tongue. This is wrong - Brash had nothing to do with any comments from the floor. Anymore than Clark was responsible for the ravings of her own acolytes.

This is trash journalism and Political Editor Helen Bains seems to be 'batting on a 1000' for subjectivity this campaign. Her objectivity has completely disappeared.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Labour Proves No Understanding of Benefits of Competition
In her rants about ACC Clark says there is a secret agenda at the Insurance Council that will see workers compensation (ed:Oh dear such emotion laden terms, workers, compensation ??) privatised and she wants to know what the insurance companies gain and the workers lose.

Well she only needs go back to the late 1990's when the ACC was opened up to competition; premiums reduced, work place injuries dropped and employers were incentivised to reduce premiums by reducing the risks in their businesses. What could be simpler than that.

She might also look across the ditch each day where her fabulous? investment in the Koru (as she termed it this morning (many hundred's of millions)) is bleeding as a result of competition - no problem with the product; just pricing is in the hands of consumers not producers ....

Simple shit really Helen.

After ACC was opened up, Labour's ideologic policies axed the competitive organisations and despite trying to introduce the best of the best ideas they nicked off the private sector ACC's premiums outstrip CPI and benefits are cut back - ACC is a monster that cannot get out of its own shadow. Put it up against world's best practice and see how it goes.

Clark is farting against thunder on this one. There was no demand for change last time (outside of the ideologues like Drinker Dyson) and there is none this time. Nanny State outta my life.
John Armstrong: PM should have kept out of cockpit

I understood she was out of the cock pit...

More Breathtaking Hypocrisy From Labour

Labour under the weird guise of their law and order policy has released their attack chihuahua Rick Barker to snarl that the rules on Civil Servants standing for Parliament need 'tweaking'.

As I said breathtaking hypocrisy. Labour in a none too subtle slant at the now Maori party's Amokura Panoho and National's Tim Groser seems to forget that the Labour ranks are full of former civil servants. Most notable perhaps being Parekura Horomia a senior Civil Servant who retained his job until the last possible moment.

While we are about it; the tweaking should include all officials in public office including trade unions - that would include vaste swathes of the Labour ranks - Starting with Barker himself, includes Duck Mallard, Pettis I think ....

Labour should take note of what Brash did - immediately resigned.

I think Groser immediately gave notice and sought advice because his particular role was of strategic importance to New Zealand and the other countries he was reprsenting in his wider Ambassadorship on that committee. Of course that does not matter to Labour - they will always go first with the bash.

I think I am right in saying that every one of the Labour MP's (and their wannabe's like Michael Wood-Bargolias) has only ever been on the public tit or trade union bottle. Teachers, lecturers, union officials, parliamentary researchers etc.

They have never had to write a payroll cheque, or more importantly worry where the funds for the payroll were coming from, as the cheques were written.

Finally, the statement of financial position of Labour's lot is worrying for its lack of disclosures - the bastards own bugger all and have precious little to show in an economic sense. Why anyone trusts them with the public purse (and to make investment decisions, Air NZ? On-Track? Kiwibank?...) heaven only knows.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Leaked email proves Hypocrisy of Labour Leadership

The so called scandal with ancient emails between National and ACT is a non-issue.

What needs visibility is the lengths the Union movement are working in concert with Labour in this election.

Rodney Hide has an email from the Public Service Association exhorting their membership to join the cause and stuff envelopes for Labour.

The organisation even has a name - Labour Letters Factory.

This makes the excoriating cries from Clark about a secret hard right agenda sound pathetic. She is the one with the secret agenda and a secret army - funded unwittingly by the workers.

Follow Cathy Odgers suggestions... I'll refund the cost of the Hell pizza's if you send photo's of the intercept.

Another idea - if in WLG put a looped fax through the office fax with a Hell order - fax it to (04) 917 2051

Herewith the whole email.

From: Michael Gibbs (

The Labour Letters Factory is nearly all done.

Only 45,000 letters remain (about 3 hours work with a full room of volunteers).

If you can spare a couple of hours tonight that would be great.

Remember this is an ambitious, never-been-done-before, project to get the 600,000 New Zealanders who did not vote at the last election to turn out in two weeks time as if their life depended on it (because it does!).

Where: St John’s Conference Centre, cnr Willis St and MacDonald Crescent
When: until we’re finished (probably around 8pm)
What’s the perks: Hell pizzas, wine/beer/etc, a Labour-led government on the
18 September

Michael Gibbs
Media Advisor
Public Service Association | Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi
phone: (04) 917 2066 or (027) 277 8136 fax: (04) 917 2051
PO Box 3817, Wellington
Publish your own bill board

This is a great little toy to while away the afternoon.

Hat-Tip: Mr J Nilsson