Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Zaoui's Last Lines Are being Written

Despite what his commie mates, Locke, Manning and Co say the sand is running through the hour glass for the "fugitive" Zaoui. His claims for asylum and refuge for his family can now be met in his homeland. The sooner the Government sends him packing the better. Sounds like Algeria is quickly becoming the place to be - Peace breaking out.

The alacrity shown by the Government in quickly deporting the Slovakian Bomber, Jakob Slevec after his court appearance following his outrageous activities in Tauranga towards the end of the election, provide some hint of the options available to the authorities. In Slevec's case the unstated words are 'there was no benefit to NZ locking this fool up here at great expense'. The same applies to the sandhopper Zaoui - and quickly before the rest of his whanau make the trip.

How all concerned must wish they had put Zaoui straight back on the plane...

Collateral benefits will be to get Manning and Associates out of the public trough.

Her twisting of the facts borders on the mendacious - she is a remarkable sophistrist. I wonder whether she could withstand a charge of conduct unbecoming before the Society? Would anyone be brave enough to lay the charge?


Chrongen said...

Interesting article by John Roughan in the Herald this morning highlighting the fact that Zaoui has been conspicuously silent on the recent Bali bombings. If he is the peacemaking martyr his do-gooding supporters believe he is, I thought too he'd make some statement condemning the bombings.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Chrongen's comment:
“When I tell him [Zaoui] that to some it seemed a bit off that his profile involves going to the music awards, and yet we heard nothing from him on the bombings in Bali, he stopped smiling.
The Herald ran a column on this topic.
"First," he says, "I am not a politician. I am a political refugee who needs protection and my case is very fragile." Also, nobody asked him and "if I find any opportunity to condemn terrorism I will do."

Mr Zaoui has consistently denounced terrorism in all forms. He is reluctantly a public figure, and blogs such as this are but indication of how careful he must be about his public statements.
Alex Davidson