Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Is It Just Me or is This a Clark Jack-Up?

I must say I have the deepest suspicions the Maori and Environmental terrorists are unwittingly part of a machiavellian plan by Clark to take the Nation's eyes off the balls that will doom her Presidency:

  • The All Black's being ditched in the play-offs
  • The bone pointed at her Government in the local body elections.
  • The shambles with the longevity of the Auckland Harbour Bridge
  • The Eden Park upgrade
Lest we forget, Duck Mallard launched his waterfront stadium "idea" at the moment before Clark was about to go under with the Pledge Card shambles. The result was Clark and the lying and deceit with the pledge card never again made the press.

Call me an old fashioned conspiracist but this time the facts are not compelling we have a full blown terrorism incident on our doorstep...

  1. Tame Iti definitely fits the term "usual suspects were rounded up". I imagine when we get the names of the rest we won't be surprised.
  2. We know he has a shotgun he was been previously acquitted for firing it.
  3. The firearms offences others were charged with relate up until June 2007. Hard to argue clear and present danger...
  4. Clark is off shore (being embarrassed by Don MacKinnon and Bananarama)
  5. etc
  6. etc
However readers of this blog will recall that the Green Party in New Zealand (and Australia) does trace its origins directly to the Baader-Meinhof Gang.

The gang website has the time line and the story
...a decade later many of these former radical students were the main force behind the Greens party...the radicals had no time for any nebulous march -- they wanted Revolution now, and sought to kickstart the cause through terrorism...

This group travelled as the Red Army Faction
So, what is going on?

I think Clark has conned another cop to do her dirty work.