Sunday, October 30, 2005

Beyer's Bill Blocked

In a victory for the "fed up with PC" sentiment of the electorate Georgina Beyer has apparently been told by Clark and Cullen that her private member's bill normalising transgender will not be revived in this parliament.

As I blogged earlier - the execresence of egregious lawmaking for Labour's lovey's is best dealt with by shadow ministers and the Opposition generally taking the attack, issue by issue to Labour, NOT through the Mapp appointment.

In a not obvious nod that this sad bill was quasi Labour policy last term but not now Beyer has said nothing about promoting the issue again as a private member's bill. If she had the cojones(!) and the courage of her convictions she would be forthright about continuing the (apparently deeply held) fight. I think it is bye bye Georgina.

Barely a month into the new Government Labour have wilted before a shot is fired.

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