Thursday, October 23, 2008

Labour donor is Asian organised crime boss - Latest TGIF about to break

Ian Wishart is trailing Instalment Two of the immigration corruption saga that is pointing straight at the heart of the Labour Government.

Wishart is doing a marvelous job of putting a little bit out there each week and following up with a new devastating revelation. I'll bet this week is not the complete story - we have two more weeks to run. Next week will be huge if he is following this strategy.

I wonder what spin the ninth floor will run tomorrow afternoon - given they'll know more of the story than you and I - but probably not as much as Wishart - the paranoia must be palpable. The fear will be picking up those neck hairs, real nice.

Here's what Ian is saying:

Last week we gave you a heads up about part one of a major political scandal involving two cabinet ministers, a former minister and a mysterious Chinese migrant awarded NZ citizenship on ministerial intervention…

This weekend, Part Two of the story breaks: TGIF Edition reveals the migrant’s REAL name, his past, and the fact that he’s an Asian organised crime boss who not only donated to more Labour MPs than Helen Clark admitted last weekend, but who also employed a honey-trap in his bid to gain political influence within Labour.

Forget tinpot controversies about impoverished Thai tilers. Forget about whether Owen Glenn gave Winston $100K. You’ll learn tomorrow how New Zealand’s immigration system has been compromised by Asian organised crime buying residency, citizenship and political favours, and turning New Zealand into a money-laundering financial hub.

Like we said last week, this is the biggest political scandal of recent times, and it’s unfolding only in the pages of TGIF Edition.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Clark and Cullen in charge the last time inflation hit 5%

Eighteen years ago New Zealand's inflation rate hit 5% - Helen Clark was Deputy PM. Michael Cullen was Associate Minister of Finance. These clowns have learned nothing.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

BNZ For Sale?

I have been hearing strengthening rumours that the National Australia Bank, BNZ's owners, have it up for sale. Part of a plan to sell down and strengthen the mother ship.

Let's hope Toll's Paul Little has not been advising the nab Board on how to negotiate with the New Zealand government - particularly Michael Cullen - I can just see Cullen and Clark adding this to their pile of nationalised businesses.

Any others heard this?
Labour's Prostate Shower Policy

In a very amusing way a fellow guest at a dinner party last night said Labour's Prostate Shower Policy was the pits. Prostate referred to the dribbly showers Labour is promoting.

Could catch on as a slogan.

Monday, October 06, 2008

iPredict not looking Good for Clark

I have been mining a rich vein of late at iPredict where I have been able to make good money (+11% real) or probably about +250% on an annualised basis.

Basically I have been continually shorting Labour as the next Prime Minister. Happily for me my predictions are proving apposite and her stock continues to drop. I think she is in a slow glide to the bottom.