Thursday, August 30, 2007

This is almost true.

Today's column from John Armstrong where he reports on the black humour surrounding Muldoon's death is very close to the truth. As Armstrong wrote:

Asked if he was going to Sir Robert Muldoon's funeral, a National Party Cabinet minister, who must remain nameless, confided at the time that he would be there if only to satisfy himself that the lid of the coffin had been nailed down properly. It was a statement made only partly in jest.

A colleague who did attend the funeral of Sir Robert and then the interment (at Purewa I think) has often described his horror to attend the interment and as the casket was being lowered, the lid caught on the sides of the hole, popping the screws. With visions of the ghoul arising from the casket and echoes of that well known cackle accompanying it, he and his wife about turned and ran swiftly from the scene. Not taking any chances!
Which is Helen Clark? Winner may be in the draw to Receive a Super GoldCard.

Hat Tips: Kiwiblog and Whaleoil
"I thought he was dead" - Mike Moore on Jim Anderton. Priceless

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Labour Party Party Meddling in Auckland Local Body Elections

News tonight that Auckland City Mayoral Candidate, Dr John Hinchcliffe has been leaned upon by very senior Labour Party members in Wellington to step aside from his candidacy to enable encumbent Hubbard a clear run at securing all the votes on the left, has enraged other candidates of the left persuasion.

This is Clark at her most manipulative. Only she did not figure Hinchcliffe going public. The email to Hinchcliffe, revealed on TV's One News could only be described as threatening.

This will do Labour no good.

Those of us on the Right can only grin.

The MSM has no links up as yet.

Update: TVNZ carry the story here. Story also picked up by Kiwiblog and Whaleoil