Thursday, November 23, 2006

Brash Gone!

National Party Leader Don Brash is reported to have resigned.

He will step down on Monday when a Special Caucus Meeting has been scheduled.

Find another target Labour. Labour will rue the day they hounded Brash out - his replacement (whoever it is) will be a much more politically savvy and feral beast.

And while you're about it "Have You Paid It Back Yet". National has.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Labour's Big Whip Round Revealed!


Oh the delightful irony - a funny line from a sordid tale - Dave Gee at Right from Left Field has a none too subtle pun regarding David Benson-Pope's proclivities with the whip.

To carry the pun further - watch them flail about with this.
Benson-Pope Buggered

See here for the Investigate scoop on Benson-Pope. We were right all along, he is a pervert. How could Clark appoint a grade A pervert to be Minister of Social Development? Is that a greater perversion?

Fingers crossed the lamestream media covers this with the vigour they are pursuing the Brash emails (non)story.

The real concern is this - If these stories are true then we have a seriously oddly sexualised man holding Ministerial Warrants - may be that is OK? It is not OK when we see that the acts depicted in the magazine as recreational sexual behaviour are the same acts Benson-Pope ultimately agreed did take place at Bayfield High School.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Clark's Benign Strategic Environment

Solomon Islands
East Timor

Yep, you're right Helen, all's well in our corner of the Pacific.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Keep Up the Attack National

Northcote MP Jonathan Coleman has his own theory on why Labour is so keen on the waterfront option.

He says it is more about the "Clarkoseum" than anything. Like that, Clarkoseum.

With McCully and Brash coming late to the debate National are finally finding their cojones

Labour will wilt and die if National are relentless in the attack and stick to a few points.

Clark is away so keep up the momentum and she will freak out. Cullen is already charting another course and the Auckland Left are mostly behind Eden Park (and in any event not for the Clarkoseum).

The Points for today:
Mallard has been shown to be lying tonight with his underhand and frankly distasteful misuse of information regarding Eden Park. Not only hoist on his own petard, hung out by his own advisors - Fletcher executives.

Aucklanders generally are now deeply suspicious of what Labour are trying to do. People of all political shades know a stinking lie when they see one. They also don't take it lightly when threatened by punks from Wellington.

First Mallard meets with advisors in secret for two months then he gives all Aucklanders no information on the options but bullies and cajoles the pollies into a two week go/no go with the threat a No will send the rugby to the enemy Canterbury. How to lose support in Auckland 101.

The Clarkoseum now has only one supporter in Auckland politics - Dick Hubbard. The man who stuffed the V8s', stuffed Western Springs Speedway etc.

Hubbard is yesterday's man - his exhortations make him look even more dorkish than before. His sincerity is in question (remember the leap under the posts at Eden Park?).

The ARC have been completely dicked. The Government has cut their funding - they are powerless to resist Clark's siren calls. They want to have their mega regional roles reinstated. Clark has said they will get their bigger jobs back if they force Ports of Auckland (which ARC owns through a subsidiary) to relinquish the land she needs for the Clarkoseum.

Why do you think she has forced the regional Governance discussions on the Auckland region with a final decision by Christmas - another impossibly short deadline. Coincidental? Don't think so.

However, when you have lost everything you have nothing to lose. Lee and the rest of the ARC should just tell Clark to get nicked.

Jock Hobbs. What has happened to him? Completely emasculated. I think Clark's shock troops have told Hobbs that the Accident Compensation Corporation will go hard on rugby injuries if he doesn't bring his boys into line. A nod by the ACC CEO to his risk management team could double the premium overnight. ACC are eternally grateful to Clark and Dyson. She gave them the breath of life. Nothing would link to Clark. Something has happened with Hobbs and this ACC angle rings true with other conversations I have pieced together.

Just another example of why Clark has carefully suborned all the agent's of state - create ACC as a single government provider of accident/liability insurance - manage the police by ensuring all commissioners have been her men. The G-G is her man. etc. He could not sack her in a tea fogged haze. Anymore than he might find Thaito should be removed from parliament. Helen gave him this wonderful job....

There you go National - several points of attack - relentless force. Go to it. The battle is yours to win.
Mallard Admits Misusing Eden Park Data

Tonight on Checkpoint Mallard admitted he had misused/misquoted Fletcher's data regarding the buildability of Eden Park. Fletcher's affirmed they had not said there were problems with the new design and they have confirmed it is buildable. They also confirmed there was no problem with founding the buildings either.

Mallard is a sophistrist and not a very good one. He should be in gaol as a con-man.

Fucking liars the lot of them
What's Happened to El Jefe Field the Thai Basher and Crook?

This is the other reason for the Waterfront Stadium shambles. Labour get to dominate the agenda and headlines in a way impossible for the past few months as they have weathered scandal after scandal.

The scandals have not gone away - just the commentators are distracted.

Back to the case in hand boys and girls in the MSM
Can't Have Eden Park in a Suburb - Clark and Mallard

This got me thinking.

Having been to some of the great rugby grounds in the world I recalled that many are in suburbs. Indeed they have been upgraded while surrounded by suburbia. The recent All Black's match at Twickenham was to celebrate (and pay for) the opening of the new stand.

See here: Twickenham - Richmond SW London.

Spot the houses - see the construction area to the South? Looks similar to Eden Park to me.

When you walk to the ground it is through residential streets.
It is not unlike walking to Eden Park

Similarly Lansdowne Road Dublin:

Another hallowed ground with traditions as rich as Eden Park.

Again spot the extensive residential areas. Lansdowne Road is in the heart of Dublin, 1 mile from St Stephen's Green in the centre of Dublin

The Irish Rugby Football Union has started to develop Lansdowne to hold 50,000 seated fans - see details here

Who says you can't have rugby grounds in the middle of suburbia.


Many of the opponents are saying the Waterfront Stadium is too risky. I don't know whether it is too risky and I don't care. I say simply it is just WRONG.

The Auckland transit systems are in disarray - all because of a lack of funding - no money for electrification, tolling new highways to get the priority of build advanced etc.

The health system seems grossly underfunded - old people with cataracts get only one eye done because it is a safety issue if they are blind...nine month wait for debilitating though not life threatening urological surgery, etc etc.

Clark (in)a cunning stunt and showing her at her most venal and self serving has found the wherewithall to fund the $700,000,000 difference between a decent and long needed upgrade to our national stadium Eden Park.

When are we going to get a commentator that tells it like it is - THIS IS ABOUT GETTING THE EDEN OUT OF THE PARK.

She has no concern about the cost. She wants it out of her electorate - no price is too high.

The Auckland pollies should just say Nuh!. We are going to build temporary seating at Eden Park to accommodate 60,000 for the RWC and we would be delighted to have the Government make a substantial contribution - in keeping with the national aspirations for the country to do well with the RWC tournament.

Since you Helen and your sycophant mate Duck have found a major pile of cash (for the Waterfront Stadium) we suggest you apply it to rail electrification, roading and health.

Waterfront Stadium Sinking

Seems that Clark and Mallard's plan to rid Clark's electorate of the Eden Park rugby and cricket crowd is going the way of HMS Orpheus.

Labour Luvvie Bruce Hucker (rhymes with f*****) has come in behind the Eden Park upgrade. This is a breathtaking volte-face. Or perhaps more simply - une claque dans le visage

The hilarious bit is Hucker has lost control of the lefties on his side of the Council - WTF were Caughey and Simpson doing floating Carlaw Park at this stage?

This tells me the lunatics are running the asylum at ACC - Hubbard, Hucker and Co are all over the place.

National's clever politics to support a fast consents track to Eden Park will play well in Auckland and nationally.

ACT and the Green's are one.

Cullen the acting PM is sounding sceptical.

The stadium is Mallard's Orpheus. She ran shore in fine clear weather - missing deep water by 50 feet. 189 lives were lost.

Clark is cleverly off visiting her socialist mates in Europe while the manure hits the fan.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Transport Requirements for Stadium Clark.

Let's get some facts on the potential for Rail services to handle passengers going to Clark's Waterfront Stadium in downtown Auckland.

The railway into Britomart itself has only two tracks - one up and one down. There is a junction near the Vector Stadium to take railway traffic to Parnell/Newmarket or around the waterfront to Orakei and beyond. Two tracks go into the Britomart tunnel and split into Britomart's underground railway station which has three platforms and five rail lines.

Britomart stated capacity is up to 40 trains and as many as 17,000 passengers an hour - this is in and out - a tidal flow. One way traffic is roughly half - ie going to Stadium Clark or home after the match.

The reality is that the fire restrictions on Britomart are such that the current capacity is actually about 12,000 people per hour - 6,000 in and 6,000 out. It'll take 10 hours to get Stadium Clark filled by rail.

With upgraded trains (for which there is no live proposal at present) capacity could be 25,000 passengers per hour

With new tracks and signalling on the existing rail network the capacity of the station would be 34,000 passengers per hour. This is still half the crowd going to the game but twice the tidal flow.

If the station was converted to a through station and rail continued beyond Britomart and operated as a flow through station, the capacity of the station is 50,000 passengers per hour.

These are the facts.

In other words to have any hope of handling the crowds the rail capacity needs to be increased.

This is the deal the Auckland politicians must demand from Clark and Duck. Stadium Clark can only be supported if the Auckland rail network is electrified and the rail continues from Britomart up Albert Street to reconnect with the track at Mt Eden.

If that railway expansion happens Auckland may be on the way to becoming a world class city.

Plus - make sure the lights don't go out so you'll need to attend to power supply issues as well Helen (and Trev).