Saturday, September 30, 2006

Back to Clark and Her Misfeasance, Dissembling and General Mendaciousness.

Clark is doomed because whether she was actually behind the leaking of Brash's marital problems or the theft of parliamentary money to fund her election campaign the electorate now believes she would have done those things if able. She has lost any trust she had with the electorate.

There are many famous sayings that perhaps cannot be actually attributed to the utterer. What is important is these misquotations live on for a reason - Burke may never have said: "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

Likewise Voltaire may never have said: "I disagree with what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it". But they could easily have done.

The same is especially true of politicians' misquotations:

I raise this in the context of Cherie Blair's recent brush with the truth over whether she did or did not say Gordon Brown was a liar. Whether or not she said "That's a lie" about Gordon Brown, the words will be remembered because, deep down, we know them to be true.

We see the same here with Helen Clark - the speeding motorcade, the fraudulent picture signing, The Doone Affair, the benighted relationship she and Labour MP's have with the Police (who only prosecute National MP's), the theft of public money for electoral purposes, her unsubstantiated accusations of corruption and 'cash for policy', the shambolic and protracted Philip Field Affair, etc etc.

We know she is adept at hiding the truth - therefore she is hiding the truth.

With thanks to the Daily Telegraph
Questions President Clinton Should be Asked

Frank Johnson has a very funny, if apposite, column on President Clinton, following his address to the Labour Party Conference in Britain.

With a delightful touch of irony, more than a hint of sarcasm and a pinch of cynicism Johnson has Clinton and all the rest of the third way left wing democrats on the spit. Clark and the Clinton disciples in this part of the world will read and should cringe - yep, guilty too. You all close your eyes to the inconvenient.

Some of the memorable lines?
"Mr President, looking back – and we won't mention all those poor blacks whom you subjected to capital punishment when you were governor of Arkansas, because our party's rank-and-file is so easily taken in by any Democrat that they've forgotten about them – what was, for you, the biggest question that you had to confront in your political career?"

"Well, for me, the question was always: 'What's your phone number, honey?'

"...that's why I've always believed in the special relationship, especially with women. Except wives of course, though other men's are worth chasing. Wives are for apologising to. I was more like a bridge over troubled daughters. I hope I will continue to behave like your Deputy Leader, my friend John Fleshpot."

etc etc.
Will Russia and the Caucasus Ever Live Happily Ever After?

The signs are there in the Caucasus that Russia is contriving an incident reminiscent of the German invasion of Poland that ultimately led to WWII or Germany's Treachery of the Molotov Agreement.

The wicked wolf (or rather a Bear) not happy with just stiffing Georgian energy supply is now busily fomenting problems elsewhere in the democracy. Georgia joining NATO and having a closer association with the West are behind the latest, xenophobic Russian actions.

This continues a century of intrigue and tension

• Georgia, weakened by centuries of war with Persians, Ottomans and Mongols, was granted Russian protection in the late 18th century.

• In 1918 Georgia declared itself independent. Three years later the Red Army invaded and in 1922 it was declared a founding member of the Soviet Union.

• Georgia provided the USSR with its figurehead, Stalin.

• Georgia was the first Soviet state to demand separation in 1989 and two years later declared independence.

• More than 250,000 Georgians were ethnically cleansed from neighbouring Abkhazia in 1992-1993.

• President Eduard Shevardnadze (a soviet stooge) was deposed by the Rose Revolution and replaced by Mikhail Saakashvili in 2004

  • 2006 Georgia proposes joining Nato

More of the Benign Strategic Environment

News out of the Middle East that Syria emboldened by what it interprets as a weak Israeli Tour of Lebanon will shortly move to (re)take the Golan Heights has put Israeli intelligence on a higher state of alert and is a worrying sign for world peace. I guess we should all be comfortable that the great middle eastern democrat, President Assad, has said he wants peace...
Fran O'Sullivan Today is Must Read

See here for an erudite description of why Clark's Government is so deep in the poo. And, by extension why her government can easily and comfortably wear the cap of the 'the most corrupt in history'.

O'Sullivan has called for no less than a Royal Commission of Enquiry with three judges in the Chair to get to the bottom of what has become very dirty politics. But it is not just dirty politics - the allegations are of corruption at the highest levels of Government and Opposition. Clark cannot be allowed to make these allegations without offering subtstantive proof - we have moved beyond her making off the cuff statements. So appalling is the State of Denmark we need independent and incontrovertible proof of absence or presence.

I'll paraphrase much of Fran's discourse:

The gutless police force that refused to take legal action over Labour's breach of electoral spending limits because it was concerned at the constitutional effects of a prima facie case.

The delays which ensured that police decision not to take court action against Labour or Beehive officials, because they were concerned about the integrity of last year's election and cynically preventing private citizens taking action before the six-month expiry period under the Electoral Act. Note; if able to take action and if proven could have resulted in jail sentences.

The prolonged Bullying of Auditor-General Kevin Brady over his audit into the misappropriation of parliamentary funds by party leaders, by Labour's Helen Clark, accusing him of smear tactics - an attempt to cower Brady into changing his draft findings.

Unfounded Allegations that National made corrupt cash-for-policy deals with the anonymous donors that stumped up 92 per cent of the party's election funds.

Helen Clark has alleged insurance companies were promised policy deals around changes to ACC. Who were these companies - if any? - that tried to bribe National.

Allegations that the Exclusive Brethren religious sect ran a parallel advertising campaign with the connivance of National Leader Don Brash to dish the dirt on National's opponents and thus given his party a $1.2 million hidden campaign spending boost.

Allegations that the Exclusive Brethren, not content with the election result, tried to get NZ First MPs to break away from their party and force a change of government. And, when spurned, turned their attention to Labour by hiring private investigators to dig dirt on Cabinet ministers from the Prime Minister down.

Clark has ordered the diplomatic squad (whose allegiance is to her - a private police force in the circumstances) to investigate the Exclusive Brethren's P.I.s.

A Royal Commission needs to inquire into whether interests associated with Labour put P.I.s on to Brash and investigate whether those same interests stole personal emails from his parliamentary computer.

Allegations by the Prime Minister of conspiratorial behaviour by everyone who belongs to "golf clubs, accountancy firms, law firms or business circles" in spreading libellous rumours to bring her husband down and vilify their marriage.

Allegations by NZ First Leader Winston Peters that merchant bankers Fay Richwhite, the subject of an insider trading action over dealings in Tranz Rail shares, have contributed campaign funds with strings.

In Parliament two weeks ago Peters claimed that two big New Zealand corporates had bought themselves "political protection" through major donations to the National Party.
"That same party was involved in a long protection racket in respect of Telecom, and that is why it was given free Telecom services and took $1 million," he said.

Peters wants the Ministry of Justice to look into the "$1 million paid by Fay Richwhite to the National Party in order to buy it absolute protection against proper investigation", which he clarified related to the Bank of New Zealand bail-out and the Winebox inquiry into tax dodging.

Turia's refusal to disclose which Labour supporter tried to bribe her party.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Myth That Speed Cameras Save Lives Exposed

New evidence in the UK reveals that breaking the speed limit has contributed to only 5% of road crashes. See here.

The real contributers to crashes are that drivers need to concentrate more on the road rather than on their phones, passengers, music, food, drinks, navigation systems and the clutter of signs - according to the RAC.

I am sure the same results would apply in New Zealand. A crazy driver at 90km/hour on the open road will not trigger a speed camera. I suspect the UK research is proof positive the cameras are revenue raising devices.

All the more interesting is the fact these results are in light of the Motorway limit in the UK being 70mph - a speed that by definition is dangerous in New Zealand. Simplistic answers from simpletons.

"Proof" of the effectiveness of the speed camera policy, from the usual line up of fools; LTSA, Traffic Branch of the Police etc is not fully tested - improved road tolls (or indeed lower average open road speeds) will not be differentiated from the effects of congested roads, improved vehicles (our fleet is getting younger and younger cars have more safety features etc) etc.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How About This for an Idea

Clark's increasingly losing touch - this year has been a nightmare for the one with the self declared sure footed and winning touch. Everything she touches is turning to stone.

I think she is losing control - Cullen and Mallard are leaving her hanging out there. Their schadenfreude is poorly disguised. Clark is hanging herself and the cheers from the white light (ie before the prism turns it all rainbow) of her party are stilted for now. At long last the rainbow fruitcakes are getting it where it hurts. Right in the mouche. Look for a broken prism someone.

The turnaround has been quick and for Clark bewildering.
Clark's "Anger" Spectacularly Backfires

The faux anger and exclusionist langauge of Ms Clark has spectacularly backfired on her and her party. The electorate as a whole have condemned her recent set of lies, obsfuscation and dissembling - witness two recent polls.

Labour and Nats alike have condemned the arrogance and conceit of her and her senior Cabinet members. The reaction is so marked against her that it's difficult to understand what she'll do next. More of the same won't work and and contrition over the stolen money and the Field cover-up are not in her vernacular.

Personally I think they're stuffed. It's a great day for the VRWC. Yay!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

And the reason we do not trust Clark and Labour

falsus in uno falsus in omnibus

"false in one thing, false in everything"

A Roman legal principle indicating that a witness who wilfully falsifies one matter is not credible on any matter.

The witness who is wilfully false in one thing (Doonegate, Paintergate, Speedgate, El Jefe Field, Pledge cardgate,...) need I go on?

See what I mean by not wanting pee off the witches on the 9th Floor, by putting your head above the parapet. . .

You can't tell me the killing of this rather innocent little side bet did not have its genesis on the 9th Floor....

See David Farrar's blog where he advises he has been warned by the DIA for offering illegal betting (gambling over the internet is the stitch up) when he gave odds of 9:1 that Labour would be successful with a High Court petition that the Pledge Card spending was legal.

Interestingly there we few takers that Labour would win.
Clark now wanting to re-write the Magna Carta and nearly 1,000 years of Trust Law

Clark in her rage to cover up her theft of public money for her election campaign is apparently looking to use retrospective legislation to legalise the theft. See here.

Not content with just stealing tax payers money she has also decided to prevent private persons from making anonymous donations to election campaigns - citizens use anonymity for many reasons - a powerful one being not wanting piss off control freaks and venal types like Miss Clark. And another thing - by making the donor anonymous it prevents installing the patronage of which Clark complains so lately and loudly. If you don't know who you owe you cannot be accused of giving them special treatment - contrast that with the open and abject posturing and law making Labour does for the Union movement and the Ratana Church.

Clark is going to try to prevent funding through Trusts - how I might ask? As a Trust is in law a corporate person; the Trust as much as anyone else has rights - including donating money to persons/parties etc. I guess we'll have to go back to giving cash. Cash works for Labour: WFF, a larger Army, easier benefit access etc etc

I can see a lot of cheques being written by M Mouse or money being routed through Pay-pal.

Give up Helen - admit you nicked the money.
Confirmation Clark thinks she and Labour are above the law

Two Points and another thing
1. Pete Hodgson on Nine to Noon today stated that if the Auditor-General finds Labour stole the Parliamentary Service funds for the pledge cards Labour will not pay it back. Why? Because we did the same in 2002 and didn't have to pay it back then- isn't that unbelievable?

So, if you get away with it once you are able to keep stealing. The challenge is not to get caught first time?

2. Clark and Labour are using PUBLIC funds to defend themselves against the Molloy action. How venal, crass and self serving is that?

3. Final point - somewhat oblique. Mallard's attack with innuendo in the House on Dr Nick Smith and co was sanctioned by the PM - so the scuttlebut goes. Given it was effectively an attempt to point an adulterous barb at Smith, which is as near to the 'Go Nuclear' buuton it apparently gets in the House; that action might have brought a vile(olent) repost about the PM's own marital arrangements and those meanderings of her 'husband', inter alia. What is Investigate sitting on, I muse? But I digress; my point is this "Is Mallard taking his orders from Cullen", and not the PM. Perhaps it was a macchiavellian attempt to get the Boss - using another force's enfilade?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Predictable Clark Reaction

Typical Helen Clark. She who has been caught dead stealing from the public purse tried today to level corruption charges on Brash and National - alleging National are the corrupt ones. She claimed they received funding from the Exclusive Bretheren, trying to buy the election...she gave absolutely no evidence. There is none.

Contrast this with Clark and her theft of public money - on the record and confirmed by the Auditor-General and the Union movements' direct funding of Labour - for which they receive direct policy support - funding of the ITO's, anti- employer legislation and so on.

Clark is a cheating, conniving, corrupt bitch.

Brash labelling her Government the most corrupt on record is striking a nerve because it is true.