Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Parker Struggling

Labour's David Parker, Energy and Climate Change Minister continues to show how out of touch and incompetent he is:


Confirmation the stand-by generator at Whirinaki has been in regular use this month. How far away is winter?

Parker and Dr Don Elder squabbled at an energy conference today. Dr Elder (Head of Government owned Solid Energy) said new coal mines would contribute to generators which could scrub green house gas emissions. Parker told the audience the coal industry had done nothing and needed to focus on becoming a green energy source...

Elder's riposte was Parker would be best advised to seek the advice of his audience (which was composed of energy experts) not source his material from a popular magazine...

Breathtaking Hypocrisy

PM Helen Clark has judged it time again to re-enter the Fiji democracy debate, in the wake of the deportation of the Editor of the Fiji Sun. Polling must show her strong statements pontifications on Fiji read well with the NZ electorate.

In a breathtaking display of absolute hypocrisy Clark says the deportation of the Editor is an attack on freedom of speech and democracy. This is extremely rich coming from the author, strategist and vendor of the Labour Government's Electoral Finance Act. An Act that subourns political discussion outside named and registered political parties and severely restricts any criticism to essentially the political party process.

To Quote Ms Clark
She said New Zealand's Government would communicate to the Fiji Government that democracy involved not only elections, but also free media and free speech.
We agree - hence the 'extreme' reaction to her odious legislation in NZ.

Further, Clark today with her husband Peter Davis both launched into the Herald for being a Tory rag which has never showed charity to the Labour Party - in reaction to the Herald's coverage of the EFA and the appalling polling of Labour in 2008.

It is hard to ignore the irony in her lambasting the Fiji interim Government for freedom of the press while in the next breath she is standing with her husband to severally try to shame the largest daily in New Zealand.

Lost the plot I think.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What is it with the Left and Loans for Political Campaigns
A British-Iraqi billionaire lent millions of dollars to Barack Obama's fundraiser just weeks before an imprudent land deal that has returned to haunt the presidential contender, an investigation by The Times discloses.
Parallels here with Loans, desperate politicians needing cash, Buildings, Gongs - imprudent anyone?

Nothing to see here - move on!
Watch the Left squirm on this one.

Having watched Government's of the Left pillory Japan for killing whales all summer long what can we expect as South Africa launches a cull of elephants. Apparently the cull is needed to protect rare plant species from being ravaged by elephant, who have successfully recovered as a species to become a nuisance.

I'll bet we hear nothing from the Government. All those HART and CARE supporters, who are now ministers will not be able to bring themselves to criticise their comrades. What's the difference in argument for these great mammals.

On a lighter note - Judith should be warned to stay away from the dark continent while the cull is on, lest she be mistaken and taken.
Global Cooling Anyone?

This northern hemisphere winter has done nothing to help confirm the global warming scenarios that have so quickly captivated the political classes.

Last week Jerusalem had its second snowfall in a month and the Acropolis was sheathed in snow in Athens for the first time in living memory.

Extremely heavy snowfalls have destroyed 10% of China's forest and wreaked havoc with their economy, not to mention made the lives of millions miserable.

Snow also fell on the deserts of Iran and in Saudi Arabia. Sights not seen for many decades.

Snow has returned to crown Mt Kilimanjaro - remember Al Bore said the loss of snow from the peak of Kilimanjaro was evidence of global warming.

Meanwhile four leading climate institutes have published reports - all using different methodologies and data sets - that show the earth's temperature cooled in the past year; January 2007 - January 2008. See here for the four reports.

Talk about An Inconvenient Truth.... I think we'd all agree.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Did Gordon Brown's Electronic Counter Measures suite cause the B777 to malfunction and crash at Heathrow?

The mystery of the January 2008 crash deepens with investigators reporting no evidence of mechanical failure. Investigators also ruled out the possibility that fuel froze during the flight or was contaminated, or that birdstrike was to blame.

So what caused the engines to fail to produce enough thrust on the final approach? The engines were still operating (though at idle) when crash crews attended. The thrust levers were at full (or may be go round) position. So what might have happened? Given the aircraft had fuel, it was not contaminated and the engines were operating...?

I have had reports that at the time as the aircraft passed over a perimeter road, (by an extra-ordinary coincidence) it passed low and directly overhead British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's car detail; delivering Brown and his entourage to Heathrow. This cavalcade apparently travels with a significant and powerful electronic counter measures (ECM) package to jam (fry) roadside IED's, deflect and avoid incoming missiles and so on. Here is one Vendor of this technology.

Did the PM's ECM package interfere with the engine management controls (called FADEC) on the B777. FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) has been in operation for decades - first operated on the B767 and the B777. It has had millions of miles of trouble free motoring and is apparently extremely robust in an operational sense.

FADEC power plant operation provides for independent engine operations, therefore any FADEC problem would not normally lead to a double engine failure. Unless of course, the problem existed in the parameters and/or the engine control information provided to the FADEC due a malfunction [or possibly ice] or maybe after being subjected to extremely high intensity electromagnetic radiation from a nearby source.

Given ice has been ruled out - and there was a double malfunction; could an ECM response have contributed?

So far all reports about this crash have covered the outstanding airmanship by the crew to limp the stricken aircraft at a very low altitude and low speed over the perimeter fence and crash land with no loss of life (or serious injuries) AND the complete bafflement as to what caused this aircraft to crash - given the fabulous operational record to date its type.

Perhaps there will be no conclusion entered? If Brown's security measures contributed will that fact ever see the light of day.

Makes you wonder though doesn't it?

Good thing in NZ the PM's new Prius fleet (sorry 7 Series) may not have the surplus power to operate a bug zapper let alone a ECM suite.

Personally I find my (GSM) cellphone inoperable on many sections of SH1 so the potential for cell phone jammers here might be restricted to our prisons.