Sunday, October 09, 2005

Great Initiative with TopSpin

The folks over at Sir Humphrey's have launched TopSpin. This is intended to be a monitor of politics and politicians in New Zealand. As the intention is for it to be non-exclusive and cover the complete spectrum of NZ politics it is a welcome addition and I look forward to watching it develop; and contributing as I am able.

The really interesting thing is by making it agnostic the Right and Left cannot marginalise it by accusing it of bias. The facts as they say will speak for themselves.

The creators describe it thus:
TopSpin is a wiki created to document and monitor New Zealand politics and politicians. We intend to document all parties and all mainstream media outlets. If you're looking for opinion, you won't find it here. We do have links to a number of political blogs - where you'll find all the opinion you need!

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