Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Winston Peters Very Unconfident on National Radio

Peters this morning on Morning Report sounded like a little boy from Northland. "I've been abroad (who uses that term in New Zealand?) was uttered on several occasions. As if we needed confirmation this was a big wide world he was facing...? He was desperate to get the conversation onto Racing and Golden Oldies and every time he answered a foreign affairs question with a racing or oldies issue Geoff Robinson steered him back to FA's. All sounded rather pathetic.

Brash followed shortly after - the memorable comment he made was that whenever he has seen Peters at a function for a major political guest (from abroad!) Peters has looked very ill at ease.

The one advantage of having Peters at MFAT is that Goff isn't. Peters is unlikely to cuddle up to Palestinian terrorists or crap on the Israelis as a form of sport. I suspect he is likely to see the merit of rapprochement with the Americans.

May he live in interesting times!

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