Monday, October 24, 2005

The Maori Party is a more natural fit with the parties of the Right

One interesting realisations during the election was that the overlaps between the Maori Party and National and indeed Act were greater than as between the Maori Party and Labour - the supposed natural partner of the Maori Party.

Since the election the tie up between National and the Maori Party was deemed expedient and unlikely. I think not. Listen to the language out of the Maori Party and look at the policy they floated. Tax cuts, respect for property rights (including repeal of the Foreshore and Seabed Act) are all covered. The aspirations are self determination (self actualisation for individuals) and a break out from the hegemony and (pa)maternalism of Labour.

Sharples and Turia are completely aware that with Labour they will only get what Clark deems is necessary to keep their vote.

The Maori seats are an obvious issue - however there is a consensus there is not the numbers to initiate change. Therefore it is a dead issue.

I think we will see more on this - Maori is better off with National

Shane Jones was wooed by both National and Labour for candidacy. He went with Clark out of loyalty for the fisheries jobs she gave him. That loyalty has been repaid. He is now free.

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