Wednesday, May 10, 2006

US Political Funding Confirmed - into the NZ First Party!!!!

In a spectacular own goal NZ First was revealed in the House as a recipient of party funding from US sources. A Mr John Foote was identified as a major fund raiser for the NZ First Party - Peters was speechless!

Pot, Kettle, Black.

In a related development the US Ambassador to NZ discussed the 'stain' these unfounded allegations have left on NZ/US relations.

It seems for NZ First and Labour any smear is a good smear. Their anti- Americanism is palpable.

Still why are we surprised - These two parties have sent direct government funding to the terrorist group Hamas.
Tell Peters to JFO

The disappointing thing with the non email scandal sourced to Winston Peters has been Brash's pussying with Peters and Mallard. Tell them to JFO.

Ask Peters the source of the photos Helen has on him that have reduced him to simpering poodle - as evidenced by him actively doing Labour's dirty work and launching a limp diversion at a time Labour is on the ropes with the Telecom leak (Cullen or Simpson for leaker anyone?), Taito Philip Field report now in circulation, etc etc.

Ask Peters how his false attack on US Republican Party interests is helping him fulfill his role as Foreign Affairs Minister - How will attacking the power brokers in the US assist NZ to get a FTA agreement? Didn't Winnie opine on his elevation Cabinet we need to get the US relationship normalised? If this is normalisation one wouldn't want to marry Winnie...

Labour and Peters need to be put in their box. Hey Don - refuse to engage after the first salvo at Peters.