Tuesday, August 09, 2005

PM to make Major Roading Announcements for Auckland Tomorrow

In an acknowledgement that National has the high ground on the issue of Auckland road congestion, the Prime Minister is to announce significant funding increases to accelerate several major/high profile roads in Auckland.

Included in the multi-million dollar package will be the Hobsonville Extension, Avondale Extension, SH20 Manukau Harbour Crossing, accelerated completion of the western ring. Much of this is not new - what is new is the accelerated timetable. Two days ago I heard Pete Hodgson (the Government vet and Transport Minister) wittering away on State Radio (must have been a strike off day) about how there was no capacity to build extra roads - guess what; the geniuses in the Labour spin team have found some surplus roading engineers and a guy to drive the big digger and the roller.

In perhaps the biggest single element a new Newmarket viaduct to be built in stages to the north east of the existing structure will be announced.

Brash and Williamson's good running on this issue - completing the Auckland network pushed Clark into this anouncement. It goes to show how shallow and self serving the Labour administration is - Aucklanders have been banging on about completion for many years. Labour's strategy for Auckland is always is to hold back, until absolutely necessary, the making of announcements and then spinning that this is some major advance.

Just another way of bribing us with our own money - and being made to feel grateful that Aunty Helen was able to help on this occasion.

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