Monday, August 15, 2005

PM back in the frame in a new Tamihere Investigation

Investigate magazine following up an email (anonymously sent and probably from disgruntled Police sources) has looked deeper into the Tamihere issues at and around the Waipareira Trust.

The artice notes (correctly in my view) that the $195,000 golden handshake was always a red herring and probably a beat up to take the eyes from far more dodgy dealing.

The email has picqued Investigate's interest. It would appear the SFO remains on the case, and here is the interesting point; because SFO overview means Helengrad can keep an eye on developments - something she cannot do if it becomes a standard Police enquiry.

This is classic Clark. Bury the bone somewhere close where she can watch it.

The allegations against Waipareira Trust and Tamihere do not appear to get anywhere near the usual $1Million hurdle for SFO interest. Hence the suspicion the SFO's continuing involvement has a political dimension.

Interestingly, Tamihere himself started this latest enquiry when he sent a letter to the Waipareira Trust calling for an independent audit:

“It seems to me on the information to hand that the situation involves incompetence, negligence or corruption, and an independent audit and review from people with some capacity and integrity is long overdue.”

I get a sense that the audit may have started the goose cooking...

Back to the bone, Tamihere is presumably dog tucker - either in the election or later if returned and a bigger scandal breaks.

To avoid the paradox that the fact the SFO is handling this particular case makes it political, the SFO should be told to hand this case over to the Police.

We wouldn't want any suggestion Helen was able to monitor enquiries into a rival now would we?

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