Sunday, August 21, 2005

Another Labour Leak Backfires

It points to a Labour scam to leak the GG's driver was recently ticketed for speeding with the GG in the back seat (she of all officials I would believe when/if she says "I had no idea how fast we were travelling ", talk about a woman out of touch, but I digress).

Having Harry the Luckiest (Non) MP in Parliament and Minister for Transport SAFETY say "it's just one of those things which happens" when commenting on the GG ticket is just way too little.

I am sure this was an attempt by Labour to take the heat off the Prime Minister for her crazy canterbury cavalcade. It has backfired. All we citizens see is a group who think they are above the law. Paintings, beating pupils, etc

What got Clark in the crap over the crazy canterbury cavalcade was first up her denial there was an issue then her lying as to what she knew was going on then to let her drivers take the bullet when a simple "they were speeding to achieve my timetable" would have stopped the court dead in its tracks.

Speed was not the problem, lying, dissembling, sophistry and mendaciousness from the Prime Minister is the problem.

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