Friday, August 05, 2005

Court Reporter reports Police were speeding because Clark said to

Katie Gosset, this morning, on National Radio just prior to 8am reported evidence given in court yesterday that the speed and urgency of the motorcade was set by the Prime Minister. I was driving and did not catch all the names. I think it was evidence from Insp. Blayney - Chief of the Diplomatic Protection Squad.

The respondent (speaking under oath) was in essence saying the PM sets the priority and urgency, not the Police or the DPS.

This drives a horse and six through the PM's guileless sham that operational matters are the Police's responsibility. That is not in question - the actual question is did you (or your presence and schedule) cause the Police to make operational decisions that meant they had to speed to get you to the game on time?

If they did then you keeping quiet is causing 5 loyal officers untold concern and grief...for what?

The DPS evidence is that speed was a decision for the PM, and she knew they had to speed.

Gosset's report was from the court where she has been in attendance.

This evidence has not been covered in the MSM newspapers this morning.

If someone has that audio then great - please post it. I tried ReplayRadio - they have the clip and could do me a mpeg at $30. I said not today...

A thought: the DPS chief is confident that PM won't be his boss shortly and is therefore able to be candid.

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This is a very interesting revelation.

Xtra have some RNZ achives from today, including Morning Report.,,10980,00.html