Thursday, August 25, 2005

Clark's Cavalcade Causes Cabinet to Cough

In an extraordinary move Cabinet Ministers are having a "whip round" to pony up the fines for the convicted Police and civilian drivers.

What on earth is going on? Clark's Cabinet's tokenism is a lame and hamfisted attempt to obfuscate the real reasons there are fines to pay at all.

If Clark had said the simple phrase "they were speeding to meet my schedule" the Crown case against the poor Police would have failed on the grounds of no case to answer.

Instead we have a ritual disembowelling by her Cabinet.

This will be of little consequence to the convicted drivers. National's tax cuts will put enough in the hand to pay the fines - what is not addressed is the driving conviction. That will stain each man's record for life.

This an unedifying spectace for Clark who holds all the cards.

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