Monday, August 01, 2005

Finger Points Directly at Labour in Boost New Media sham

Over at Sir Humphrey's they outline established the links between Boost New Media and the Labour Party.

In echoes of the sham and hollow denial by Clark of prior knowledge of Duck's mudslinging attack on Brash - recall, her DNA was found in a Hansard transcript with the same language, a week or so earlier - The Labour Party heirarchy and the Office of the Prime Minister are directly in focus on this one.

Looking at the suspects, one quickly triangulates to a privileged group.
RuntheRed a company featured with Boost in a June Marketing Magazine article on Labour Party propaganda - Commissioned by .... "Client: Office of the Prime Minister"

A check of the RuntheRed website reveals gilt edged (as in Government paid) clients like Boost New Media - Labour Party, IRD are a couple mentioned.

The article goes on to brag,

" agency Mission Hall has collaborated with Run The Red and Boost New Media to create a special ‘youth’ Labour party website..."

Latterly, Boost registers and hosts but denies it is behind it or created it. The director in charge Tom Hovey says he knows who is behind it. Curioser and curioser.

Did Mission Hall and/or Run the Red collaborate on this project?

I think this story may get legs in the MSM.


Unknown said...

Paper trails are great aren't they?

Too Right and Having A Blast said...

Paper trails are great - and the funny thing; Such is the hubris in Labour they do not see any of this coming. While they still have the MSM on message the teflon ensures the shit slides off. But, like the frypan, the odour remains.

Be good for the Auditor-General (or maybe the Clerk's office) to have a look see and ensure tax payers funds are not being misused.