Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Big News has Summarised Clark's Spin on Speeding

Dave has summarised the PM's spin on the South Canterbury speed-a-thon she claims not to have judged.

I republish it here, with thankss:
We were not speeding.
I don’t think we were speeding.
I was too busy to notice if we were speeding
I was working the papers in the back seat at the time
I felt safe in the car at all times
Don’t blame me, I wasn’t driving
It was not my decision to speed.
The decision was made by the police.
It was my Press secretary 's decision to speed
It was an error of judgement
I actually enjoyed the ride

And probably, the piece de resistance:
It wasn't me who told my press secretary to speed it was the Prime Minister. Blame the Prime Minister, don't blame Helen Elizabeth Clark.
Hat tip: Big News

I think this issue is the sleeper of the election. It strikes right at the heart of her lack of integrity (fradulent paintings, Benson-Pope etc) and shows all her hubristic traits. Most people of whatever political persuasion know she is letting 5 policemen cop a conviction because she cannot do the right thing and 'fess up that it was because of decisions made by her these drivers broke the speed limit - consistently for 96 minutes. Whether she ordered them to speed or not is irrelevant. The status of her office and the specific knowledge by the drivers of the flight to make made her the officer responsible. ie the drivers had every reasonable cause they were proceeding with urgent government business.

There is no need to have the senior officer (Clark) utter the command. Practice and convention ensure orders are carried out efficiently and effectively.

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well done, youre Too Right.