Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Kim Hill Had The Measure of Clark on Face to Face

For once I thought Hill maintained objectivity and developed a level of persistence I had not seen while questioning Clark tonight.

I thought Hill addressed the U-turns by Labour well and pretty much got them all out there. Clark was not amused and left to trot out tired old policy and slag National's programme once she overcame the shock of the questions. She was struggling to get on top of the nervous tick that did its worm thing. She had no credible answer to any U-Turn and was made to look her mendacious best.

What did come across was she is no longer her imperious self. Methinks the polling is not what she and her strategists planned/hoped. She is now contemplating a result that at best has her in coalition with the rancid Greens. She will be having palpitations worrying about the meglomaniac Donald and the fragrant(off) Fitzsimons.

Clark was so sure of herself ("and her friend Kim asking easy q's") that she had no ready patsy answer to the "Say you are really sorry to the nice police drivers question". That is haunting her - not because they sped; but because everyone knows she lied to save her own skin - then once the gravity of the situation became known had no gumption to adjust the lies and save the police from convictions.

Now, absolutely every one knows Clark can not be trusted under fire. She fails every precept of kiwi mateship.


Anonymous said...

Clark can't squirm out of Motorcade questions on the TV. She looked *very* uneasy. I thought it was a good interview. Hill followed up with a soft interview with Anderton with whom it seems she has some affection for.

Chron Gen said...

I almost didn't watch the show but was glad I did. You could see Clarks surprise at some of Hill's lines of questioning. You could see Clark Vader thinking to herself "how dare you ask me this, I demand an obsequious media !"

Admittedly, I put a DVD on during Andertons interview.

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