Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lone protestor attends Helen Clark's speeding trial

The Herald today records a lone protestor at the Timaru District Court with a sign saying "Helen, be honest. Come and face the music."

I could not agree more.

While one swallow don't a summer make (though I doubt she swallows) my reading of the electorate is there is a simmering tension where Clark has finally been seen to go too far.

What is sticking in everyone's craw is continuing her lying denial this has anything to do with her.

The electorate knows that all is required is for her to say; "these guys were speeding to get me to the airport on time" and the case will fail.

The electorate also knows Pinocchio Clark won't say that because she has lied continually on this matter since it surfaced.

I paraphrase:
1. I don't think we were speeding
2. I did not notice, I was too busy working in the back seat.
3. I did not think it was unsafe
4. The decision was not mine.

In other words like Pinocchio her lies just get more convoluted - to a point where to refute them will cause her damage. To go on with them is causing damage. She has got herself between a rock and a hard place.

The evidence in court is showing her comments for the sham they were. Scared parishioners scattering in the motorcade's wake, the fact there is a case to answer seems to address lie 1 etc etc.

As I said above the electorate can see she is staying stum, while loyal hard working coppers are taking the rap to get her schedule back on plan...

The histrionic and creative ambush of the Nats and Nukes in the House on Tuesday shows just how damaging this court case is to Clark. She is running scared.

I think this matter and the student bribe (with its inherent inequity) have galvanised the electorate - polls are not poicking it up and nor yet is the MSM. The poll that matters is coming.

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