Sunday, August 28, 2005

Labour Candidates Feeling the Heat

Michael Wood a Labour candidate who blogs as Bertrand Bargolias has blogged he is finding a hostile reaction to his party's presence campaigning...

...After 15 minutes of leafleting however, we were feeling distinctly unloved. Aside from malevolent stares and snarls of disdain we encountered muttered comments about "communists" and one woman actually physically pulled her child away from us as if to avoid contamination. It look set to be a very long afternoon....
Wood must be gutted with the reaction to his message. His explanation for the hostility was the mall where he set out his stall was near a National party meeting being held by the local National MP.

I don't think that mall is a National party stronghold - What he experienced is what is happening everywhere in C-L C and C-R electorates. Peeps are sick of Helen's hegemony, hectoring and mendacity - and Cullen's stealthy and not so stealthy taxes.

They are not going to accept being bribed with their own money - they are looking forward to keeping more of their own pay and having choices about what to do with it.

I suspect the mall experience speaks volumes for Labour's chance of success come September 17. It was not campaigns colliding - the tide is simply running out.

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