Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hide Giving Good Show on Face to Face

Rodney Hide tonight on F2F scoring heavily against the socratic irony posed by Kim Hill.

Hill gave Tariana Turia a much easier ride first up - (because she is a woman? haha.) than she appears to be giving Hide. Anyway, Rodney is easily parrying her questions and at the same time making telling points about Labour and to a lesser extent National.

Hill resorted to tired 80's and 90's rhetoric and slogans - ""When we come back is it the end of right wing extremist economics?"" was the sign off to one ad break.

It seems the MSM is caught in a last century timewarp. No MSM commentator seems able to grasp that all parties (except NZone) are for tax cuts.

Particularly clearly Hide made the case for National + Act as the only logical grouping if you want to get rid of Clark and her government.

Poll update:
Hide + Act 67%8
Hide + National 17%2
Worth + National 17%2

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