Monday, August 01, 2005

Gman inc poses the questions

These are the questions that Tom Hovey of Boost New Media needs to answer.

--If Tom knows the names of those individuals, then why doesn’t he tell us?
--Is it true that Boost Media also designed and now hosts the Labour Youth site, which is paid for out of the Labour Party Parliamentary Fund and carries the Parliamentary Crest?
--How much did Boost Media get paid for creating and hosting this site?
--Isn’t it convenient that Mr Hovey doesn’t know if his friends belong to the Labour Party “as far as he knows”?
--What National Ministers has he worked for (since he would have only been 22 when National were in power)?
--What Labour Ministers does he work for/has worked for?
--How much does Boost get from Government contracts?
--Why does he not give us the name of the person who designed the site?
--If tom didn’t know the site was going up, how come he states it costs “a few beers on a Friday night” to get hosted on his site?
--How does he know the site was an experiment?
--Did Boost Media or its staff know about the site going up before it went up?

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