Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Good Old Fashioned Fisking by Aaron

Readers on this blog will recall my fiskings of Mr Wood-Bargolias.

Bertrand Bargolias (aka Labour Candidate for Pakuranga) has out dicked himself this time. Aaron has him on the spit, turning left slowly. Insolent Prick ups the ante to finish.


Cathy Odgers said...


Michael keeps posting anonymously to my blog asking why I am picking on him. I am trying to get people to stop reading my blog and start on his but there seem to be no takers...


Wonder why?

P.S: It was a great fisk by Bhatty. Class.

Cathy Odgers said...


Why does Oliver bother?

Too Right and Having A Blast said...


Insolent Prick said...

I have apologised unreservedly to Michael for suggesting he is by far the worst candidate for public office that Labour's ever had.