Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Text Bullying is a Parental Problem As Well

The recent discussion regarding TXT bullying following the tragic death of a child in Putaruru has brought parent's into the spotlight. Tapu Misa writes today that busy parents ("too busy, too distracted, or too spineless") are also culpable. I agree. Last week our daughter was off on School Camp. The very clear (ie explicit) instructions were that the children were not to take cellphones or iPods on camp. The school insisted there was no need for that equipment. We complied, despite a very grumpy daughter.

What actually happened - many (most) took phones. The school disciplined those (few) they caught - but there was no campaign to root them all out. The school hid behind privacy rules and said they could not search a pupil's belongings. Puhlease. No need to search just up the sanctions:

For me - I would amp it up as they got on the bus.

"This is your last chance - handover the phone. If it is found your parents can collect it at the end of term.

Inform the parents of a child pleading parental consent - "XXX said you said the phone could go on camp - we are disappointed that you ignored the school's direct and written request.

Unsurprisingly and disappointingly many parents did not take the opportunity to wean their child off a constant diet of TXT. One said - "I know they are not allowed phones, but I've let .... have her's - oh well". How ignorant is that?

As Tapu says: There are too many parents wanting to be Cool Mums or Cool Dads and not acting as responsible grown-ups.

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