Thursday, March 02, 2006

Benson-Pope Given Patsy Opportunity by TV One

Close-Up tonight gave Benson-Pope an easy ride. Sainsbury let BePop make the agenda. The issue, ignored by friend Sainsbury is this:

Benson-Pope has repeatedly lied in the House. Why? Why? Why?

That is the issue.

Benson-Pope is trying to turn on his accusers - he has only himself to blame - none of the allegations have been shown to be false - every enquiry has come up with either prima facie proof or corroboration by other parties.

This man has Ministerial Warrants - the House is the only check and balance on unbridled abuse of power. Benson-Pope's, Clark's, Maharey's and Goff's support has an unbelievable stench about it.

The Clark administration is rotten if they cannot see the issue is integrity not what Benson-Pope did as a teacher (reprehensible as it was/is)

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