Monday, March 27, 2006

Clark At Her Imperious Best

News tonight that Clark has said Parker will return to Cabinet and the post of Attorney-General if he is not prosecuted by the Companies Office is a carefully aimed dart - straight at the Companies Office.

Clark is putting the Companies Office on notice that she sees no harm in Parker's admitted lawbreaking. This is pressure from the highest level. In any other form it is the C word. Corruption.

Parker admitted serial falsifying of statutory records. His resignation was voluntary. Having said that, all commentators, including Clark said he had to go.

The resignation was from his Ministerial posts - because he betrayed the position he held. It was not a sentence for wrong-doing - that is still to come - after the conviction.

There is no way back - without a complete examiniation through the prosecution process. He can only come back by being exonerated by the Courts. Exonerated, not discharged or diverted, exonerated.

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Spirit Of 76 said...

Was Muldoon ever this bad ?!