Monday, March 20, 2006

Oh 'Tis Such Fun - I am Wallowing In It

Prima Facie Clark today on 1ZB:

Asked about the allegation on NewstalkZB this morning, Helen Clark said: "I'm not going to start a public inquiry every time Investigate magazine decides to smear somebody, which is every month on average".

Perhaps she should take more care...

I think her scandal sheet is averaging above one per month.

What a scalp - an Attorney-General no less. He will now be dog tucker because he lost his seat last election. No way back from there.

Any news on the replacement? I guess it will be the mean mouthed history teacher, if only pro tem. Look what happened last time he got distracted when H1 made him A-G and he played at Lawyering - he lost focus in his real job. We got the chewing budget, tax cut promises from the road builder Mike Williams and other nonsense.

Bring It On.

Hubris has overtaken her - the rout is on.

Vive la Revolution!

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