Monday, March 20, 2006

Finally a Labour Minister With Integrity

News Attorney- General Parker has resigned will be greeted with glee by the VRWC. Finally a Minister who has the guts to face up to his responsibilities as a Minister and resign when his actions have been found to be less than the standard expected.

Parker has been found falsely filing documents with the Companies Office while a Labour MP. See here for the story

Good on him for resigning before one sun set on the story.

Parker's quick action shows what craven crooks inhabit the rest of the Clark Ministry. Starting with David Benson-Pope, including her prima facie self H1, Philip Field, paintergate, doonegate, speedgate etc etc.

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Aaron Bhatnagar said...

If he had integrity, he wouldn't has submitted the documents with less than honest data on them, but I agree that he has at least shown some honour in his role as cabinet minister by resigning. That leaves him with the chance of retaining his other roles in the short to medium term.