Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another Underarm?

Barely a fortnight has passed since Dr Cullen met with his "great colleague" Peter Costello to discuss trans-tasman integration and relations. We were assured that all was rosy.

How do we equate undying and principled love with today's announcement (which has come out of Australia) that from June all unpackaged fresh produce from NZ exported to Australia will need country of origin stickers or labels. This is the Aussie government's response to Aussie farmers complaining NZ farmers produce at lower costs and are displacing their product in shops!

So much for a common market.

What has Cullen achieved in 9 years at the helm of CER? Nothing. He gets dicked everytime.

Prediction - the apples will never make it while we have Labour in charge. Especially now they have axed their most effective trade minister - Speeder Sutton

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