Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Clark Grizzles There Was a New Style in Politics

And she did not like it

Well Helen nor do we.

And, with a big Hat-tip to David Farrar here is your new style:

David Parker - resigned for false official returns
Lianne Dalziel - resigned for lying
Dover Samuels - stood down over personal issues
Marian Hobbs - stood down for claiming out of Wgtn accommodation
Ruth Dyson - resigned for drink driving
David Benson-Pope - stood down for bullying and lying allegations
Helen Clark - should have stood down for painting forgery
John Tamihere - resigned/sacked for various misdeeds
Taito Philip Field - when does he come onto the block for corrupt practice
Harry Duynhoven - not eligible to stand as he was not a citizen. H1 conveniently backdated the law to fit.

Yep - Helen you promised new standards - we don't like 'em.

1 comment:

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