Thursday, March 09, 2006

Spot the Fraud

Law-abiding South African family emigrates to New Zealand - find work in Whangarei. Find better work in Auckland - move there. Update Immigration a little late on change of address and employer - Immigration say only solution is to return to SA and re-apply for NZ Residence!

Ahmed Zaoui - sneaks to New Zealand and lies about past. Draws extensively on legal aid and welfare to the tune of $2million. Does not work. Claims life in danger in Algeria but would return once it was safe. Algeria -declares amnssty of previous 'freedom fighters' eg Zaoui - Zaoui no longer wants to go home. GOvernment taking no steps to kick him out.

Moral of the story - as usual with Labour (publishers of The Double Standard) as the Government - never tell the truth, cheat, lie and dissemble and maintain a firm hold on the public teat while trying to get your back legs into the trough. The law-abiding if slow get crushed.

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