Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Get Carter

Housing Minister Carter (boy he gets around) won't throw state tenants out of their houses once they no longer need the subsidised accommodation. Whale Oil has the facts.

Carter says the reason they are in the house is because the National Government (ed: 9 years ago) introduced market rentals and he won't throw anyone out of 'their' house.

Two key points:
1. As Whale Oil succintly points out it is not their house.
2. It was the disestablishment of market rentals that makes it possible for the tenants to remain in subsidised accommodation long term. Only the landlord - ultimately the Minister, can change the game.

If market rentals with a housing supplement had remained the policy the tenant would find a house in keeping with their income because the (lowering) supplement (as income improved) would encourage the tenant to satisfice. This would free up a state house for a more needy state beneficiary.

As usual Labour do nothing substantive to help the needy - they only know how to make ideological rants. They also know only how to tell the needy that the reason their needs cannot be accommodated is because National had some policy 9 years ago.

As I say Get Carter.

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