Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Benson-Pope Off the Front of Stage (for now)

National has eased up on Benson-Pope. Probably good strategy. I think there will be new information to come to light. Easing back now will leave weight in reserve for next time. Presently it would look like kicking a man while down. What is important is that Benson-Pope is officially now a lame duck. Shooting him would be a mercy (for him and those he tormented) but Clark won't - she will come to rue the day.

Anyway there is more sport with Chris Carter - who I suspect does not have the wit to stay out of serious trouble. I suspect there are plenty of sleepers in his portfolio - showing lack of due process, helping himself to things/baubles (or for his mates) that are not his etc. He reputedly has what some might call a reckless or risky (que?) lifestyle and I suspect it will carry on into his work. National should get Nick Smith out of it (because Carter will always dredge up Smith's time in the portfolio as a smoke screen) and put a proper attack dog onto Carter. Careful analysis of his decisions will quickly reveal breaches of natural justice and due process. He is not a careful man.

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