Friday, March 17, 2006

Classic Labour (non)Solution

In a knee jerk response to text bullying Minister Maharey has aked the school review organisation ERO to add 'anti-Bullying Strategies' to the organisation's checklist.

Be aware ERO reviews a school every three years - early childhood education centres are four years.

This will take years for ERO to review school policies, set new standards and check compliance.

Maharey knows that. A bullied child at Intermediate school may have left one year before the next ERO review. That is no solution.

In any event it is not a school problem - the key issue with text bullying is the bullying at school follows the child home and into their home. There is no safe zone.

This is a parenting problem. See my earlier blog.

As usual with Labour they try to make it an institutional problem/solution - the problem is parents not facing up to their responsibilities and dealing with the bully in their midst. (sounds like the Labour government doesn't it) - witness David Benson-Pope.

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