Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Carter's Canniving Canard - Caught Conning No-One

The Government's Minister - Chris Carter has been telling porkies (probably a very insulting reference given his Arabic "mates") regarding where his support for going nuclear at Whanga comes from. Carter's dissembling was uncovered within one session in the House - the only support he could quote was emails running at 2:1. Emails it was proved he and his lying mates generated and worse for him - evidenced his decision to axe the Marina was taken three days before the Envirionment Court had released its decision. Carter did not have the guts to prorogue the Court - he waited while the applicants and the Court itself wasted (still) more money before he launched his pre-meditated and pre-conceived money shot.

Is there a more abusive Minister holding the GG's warrant? That man has no shame. Best thing he could do? - prove the Great White is no danger by swimming with one.

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